Drug Trafficking

​What Is Drug Trafficking?

What to Do When You Face Criminal Charges?

Drug trafficking is a frightening charge; the outcome of your case can profoundly affect your life. Defending yourself against a drug trafficking charge is imperative for protecting your career, relationships, and freedom. If you have drug trafficking charges pending against you, consider contacting a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Drug Trafficking Defined

Understanding your charges is crucial to building your defense. The Texas Controlled Substance Act defines drug trafficking as the intentional and knowing act of manufacturing, possessing with intent to deliver, or delivering a controlled substance.

Drug trafficking charges are possible both at the state and federal levels. Charges at both levels are felonies and carry strict penalties. A criminal defense attorney can help you build a defense against state or federal charges and present it in court.

How Drug Schedules Affect Your Case?

The Controlled Substance Act (CSA) federally regulates drug schedule classifications. Based on these schedules, the type and amount of drug listed in your criminal charges can affect the severity of your case.

The five drug schedules include:

  • Schedule I: Drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Examples include heroin, LSD, marijuana, peyote, and ecstasy.
  • Schedule II: Drugs with a high potential for abuse, with use potentially leading to psychological or physical dependence. Examples of Schedule II drugs are cocaine, methamphetamine, and oxycodone.
  • Schedule III: Drugs with a low to moderate psychological or physical dependence. Examples include Tylenol with codeine and anabolic steroids.
  • Schedule IV: Drugs with low abuse potential and low risk of dependence. Examples are Xanax, Tramadol, and Ativan.
  • Schedule V: Drugs with low abuse potential, often used for antidiarrheal, antitussive, and analgesic purposes.

A criminal defense lawyer can review your charges and examine evidence connected with your arrest. A lawyer can also explain the charges against you so that you understand the specific punishments you may face.

Why a Strong Defense Matters?

Felony charges can result in possible jail time and costly fines. A strong defense is vital for avoiding a conviction that costs you time away from your family and harms your reputation.

A drug trafficking charge can affect your life if the court finds you guilty.

A few examples of the adverse effects on your life are:

  • The creation of a criminal record
  • An extensive sentence if this is not your first conviction
  • The inability to find or keep employment
  • Destroyed relationships with close family members

You have a right to defend yourself against drug trafficking charges. However, fighting your case alone is risky due to the seriousness of the crime. In addition, the national and state effort to crack down on drug trafficking makes your defense all the more important.

A criminal defense attorney familiar with state and federal drug laws is invaluable to your situation. Having someone by your side throughout the legal process can ease your mind. Criminal defense attorneys listen, answer questions, and file necessary paperwork so that you can feel confident about your case.

While it is impossible to predict the outcome of your case, a criminal defense attorney will fight for your rights. Give careful thought to building your defense now with the help of a drug trafficking lawyer.

Possible Defenses Against Your Drug Charges

Each drug trafficking case is different. Your lawyer will work with you to learn about your charges and determine which defenses might apply in your case.

Some possible defenses to your drug trafficking charges include:

  • Lack of knowledge or awareness about the drugs
  • Mistake of fact (misinterpreting a substance for something not drug-related)
  • Coercion or duress, like possessing or transporting drugs due to a threat

These are a few examples that may or may not apply to your case. Your court date can arrive before you know it. Therefore, preparing for your day in court is crucial to protecting your future.

A criminal defense attorney can help you through this challenging time. If you face drug trafficking charges, think about contacting a criminal defense attorney without delay.

How a Texas Drug Trafficking Lawyer Can Help You?

A criminal defense lawyer does not judge clients who find themselves facing serious charges. Instead, criminal defense lawyers are in business to help those accused of a crime fight the charges.

The right to a defense applies at the state and federal levels. A Texas criminal lawyer familiar with Texas and federal drug laws can apply their courtroom experience to your case. Presentation skills in a court of law are essential when going up against prosecutors and before a judge.

Free Consualtation With a Texas Drug Trafficking Lawyer

You can talk to a Texas drug trafficking lawyer for free, so you have nothing to lose. Discussing your case with a lawyer is an opportunity to learn more about your legal options and how their team can help you.

Being open and sharing as much information as possible with your lawyer can save you valuable time. In addition, by working together, you can better prepare for your upcoming court date.

Drug trafficking is a serious criminal charge. A conviction can devastate your life. A criminal defense lawyer can help you seek dismissal of charges, a plea deal, or an acquittal. No matter your situation, they can stand by your side and build a strong case for your defense.
Contact a Texas drug trafficking lawyer now for help with your criminal charges. Then, you can breathe easier knowing your case is in good hands.

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