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If you were arrested or face criminal charges, you probably feel alone, scared, and anxious. You do not know what will happen, especially if this is the first time someone has accused you of a crime. Whether someone accuses you of a sex crime, murder, a violent crime, drug crime, felony charge, misdemeanor charge, or a white-collar crime, a criminal attorney can help you navigate the system.

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Handling a Criminal Defense Case

criminal defense lawyer in harlingen

If you retain Kenny Perez Law to help with your Harlingen criminal defense, our attorneys will:

  • Investigate your case and start gathering evidence.
  • Interview the police and other witnesses.
  • Let you know what your defense options are so you can decide how to combat the charges against you.
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to possibly reduce the charges against you.
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to possibly reduce your sentence if the court indicts you.

Why You Should Hire a Criminal Lawyer at Kenny Perez Law

The criminal justice system has complex laws, and prosecutors do not care if you understand what is going on. If you try to handle matters yourself, you could end up with a sentence that you do not deserve. A criminal defense attorney protects your rights and helps you in court so you do not inadvertently say something the prosecutors can use against you.

Any criminal charge is serious and can affect you for the rest of your life. We have the skills and experience to protect your rights. If you work with us, we will keep you informed of what is happening in your case, right from the first arraignment hearing through settlement or trial. We will take the time to learn the details of your case and your goals, so that our criminal defense attorneys can work toward the outcome you want.

Types of Cases We Handle

The Texas criminal statutes designate what counts as a crime and what the maximum and minimum sentence is for each crime. Often, repeat offenders get more time and higher fines. When we investigate a case, we sometimes find information that we might use to negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce or even drop the charges. Some of this lies in the evidence the prosecutor is legally bound to share with us.

When a client retains us, we check to ensure the police did not err in arresting them by verifying whether the police had probable cause for any searches and seizures, obtained all evidence legally, and properly advised our client of their rights when they arrested them.

We handle most felonies and misdemeanors, including:

  • Assault and battery.
  • Drug crimes.
  • Computer/internet crimes.
  • White-collar crimes.
  • Weapons charges.
  • Sexual assault and rape allegations.
  • Property crimes.
  • Murder and manslaughter allegations.

Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. Even if you did not do what someone accused you of, you could end up in jail because of something you said that made prosecutors believe you are guilty. Part of an attorney’s job in protecting your rights is representing you in court and settlement negotiations to ensure you do not say something the police or prosecutors can use against you.

Our Goals as Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Never give up hope if the police arrest you for a crime. When you retain a Harlingen criminal defense attorney at Kenny Perez Law, we work to fight for a reduction or dismissal of the charges. If we cannot get the charges dismissed because of the evidence against you, we work to reduce the sentence, even if we were not able to get the prosecutor to reduce the charges.

While we cannot promise to get your charges reduced or dismissed, our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Your Initial Consultation and Legal Fees

We understand that you cannot always come to us. We can come to you, conduct the initial consultation on the phone, or set up a video call.

We strive to keep our legal fees affordable and to work with your budget. Even a misdemeanor conviction can hurt your future, including your ability to land a job or even buy a house. The money you spend on protecting your rights pays off in the long run. Even if we can only get the charges reduced, a misdemeanor is better than a felony.

The Imperfect Texas Criminal Justice System

While the criminal justice system works to protect our communities, it’s not a perfect system. If someone falsely accused you of a crime, you could potentially spend a long time in jail, depending on the crime. Sometimes judges and juries are swayed by emotional evidence presented in some allegations, such as sexual crimes. When your freedom is on the line, you want an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you obtain a positive outcome.

The criminal defense attorneys at Kenny Perez Law work to protect our clients’ rights and will dig for evidence to help prove our clients’ innocence if someone falsely accused them of a crime. Do not let your life hang in the hands of your accusers or the prosecutors.

Contact Kenny Perez Law

Harlingen Criminal Defense Attorney, Kenny Perez

When you need criminal representation after an arrest or expect the police to arrest you because of false allegations, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you through the legal system. Our criminal defense attorney will work to reduce or dismiss charges, prove your innocence, or reduce your sentence if the court indicts you. The criminal justice system often works quickly, especially right after your arrest.

You have several rights, including the right to a speedy trial. We will ensure that the prosecutor does not violate your rights and that the police followed protocol when they arrested you. We will work to obtain the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Contact a Harlingen criminal defense attorney at Kenny Perez Law as soon as possible after an arrest or if you learn you have a warrant against you by calling (956) 544-9292 to schedule a consultation in person or by phone or video call.

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