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Harlingen Drug Defense Attorney

After an arrest for a drug offense in Harlingen, you need the help of a drug defense attorney to guide you through your case. Texas takes drug charges seriously, and you can face incarceration, significant fines, and other penalties from a conviction.

A Harlingen Drug Defense Attorney – Kenny Perez Law

Drug Defense Lawyer In Harlingen

At Kenny Perez Law, we understand the severity of drug charges in Texas. We have experience defending clients after an arrest for drug-related charges. Taking early action in your case will help you avoid potential complications or risks. Our team understands the seriousness of the charges you face and will help you through this difficult and uncertain time.

In Texas, you can face a variety of criminal charges for drug-related crimes. Possession of drugs constitutes one of the most common drug-related charges brought against defendants in Texas. When it comes to drug offenses, Texas takes a hard stance and imposes severe punishment for individuals convicted of these offenses. If you face criminal drug charges and have a history of drug offenses, you face even harsher penalties. That’s why you want a tenacious, thorough criminal defense lawyer to guard your rights as soon as possible after a drug arrest.

The Texas Controlled Substances Act lays out the laws for most drug offenses.

Examples of drug charges can include:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession with intent to distribute

Factors That Can Influence the Severity of Charges You Face

The drug charges set against you will depend on several factors at the time of your arrest. Prosecutors will consider each factor when determining the severity of your charges.

These factors include:

  • Location of arrest or where the alleged crime took place – If near a school or other designated drug-free zone at the time of your arrest, you will likely face harsher penalties.
  • Whether the drugs were on you or another location – If you did not have the drugs on your physical person when police arrested you, but instead police found them through a search of your vehicle or another area, this can influence the charges against you.
  • The amount of drugs in your possession – One of the biggest factors aside from the type of drug allegedly in your possession includes the amount of drugs with you when police arrested you. The law divides penalties for each drug into categories and the grams in the defendant’s possession. Those with lesser amounts will face less severe penalties, whereas those with the highest amounts will face harsher sentences and the possibility of charges of intent for distribution.
  • The type of drug – Texas classifies many drugs into penalty groups according to the danger the state perceives the drug poses to the public, ranging from the most highly addictive substances to less-regulated drugs. The grouping ranges from penalty group 1, the most severe substances, to penalty group 4, the least severe. The list of substances in these groups is not exhaustive and does not include one notable substance: marijuana. Marijuana falls outside the penalty groups and sits in a category of its own for consideration of penalties and charges for drug offenses.

Penalties You Can Face for Drug Charges in Harlingen

The range of penalties for drug charges can include one or a combination of the following. Defendants that face their first drug offense may have options to avoid incarceration and even the possibility to avoid a permanent stain on their record if they qualify for the substance abuse programs ordered by the court.

However, if you have prior drug offenses or other related charges included in your arrest, you will likely face more serious penalties with the risk of longer incarceration. In addition to criminal penalties, the state also holds the discretion to suspend the license of any drug offender for a period of up to six months if convicted of a crime.

Some of the most common penalties for drug offenses in Texas include the following:

  • Monetary fines from $4,000 to $50,000
  • Incarceration from under one year to 99 years
  • Mandatory drug education program
  • Probation
  • Driver’s license suspension

How a Drug Defense Lawyer Can Help You With Your Drug Case?

A drug defense lawyer can step in to help guide you and advise you as to your rights under the law. After an arrest for drug-related charges, you have a right to retain an attorney in your case. The sooner you get in contact with a lawyer and allow for representation in your case, the quicker you can rest assured that your attorney will take action to help you in your case.

Interview With You About Your Case

Before you hire an attorney, you can seek a consultation with a prospective drug defense lawyer to discuss your case. If the attorney accepts your case, and you choose to hire that attorney to represent you in your drug case, you will then go into a more in-depth interview on the specifics of your case and what strategy your attorney wants to employ to build your defense.

Evaluate Evidence and Gather Any Additional Evidence

Your attorney will investigate your case by analyzing the evidence and determining if additional evidence exists that can help you with your defense. Your attorney will look at witnesses, statements, police reports, and other pertinent evidence to see if anything stands out as a violation of your rights or a discrepancy that may have led to your charges.

Defend Your Rights

Drug Defense Lawyer, Kenny Perez

Once you retain an attorney, he or she will represent you through each step of the process of your drug charges. You will have a better understanding of the charges against you as well as the expectations and potential timeline in your case. Your lawyer will maintain communications with you and keep you up to date on the latest and upcoming actions in your case.
If you face drug charges, you need to take action as soon as possible and seek help from a qualified and professional drug defense lawyer in Harlingen. Contact Kenny Perez Law for an evaluation of your case at (956) 544-9292.

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