Head-On Truck Collisions

Head-On Truck Collisions: The Devastating Impact on Your Life, and How a Lawyer Can Help

The violent impact of a head-on truck collision can shatter your expectation of a normal life.

Severe physical injuries, emotional turmoil, and extensive medical bills can cause you immense anxiety and stress. Some accidents kill their victims, leaving families with tremendous grief about losing their loved ones.

Whether you suffered catastrophic injuries or you lost a loved one due to a negligent truck driver, a lawyer can help you achieve justice.

Common Causes of Head-On Truck Collisions

There is typically nothing you can do to escape a head-on collision. However, when the accident involves a large truck, the size and weight of the tractor and trailer can leave you with catastrophic injuries in a second.

Commercial truck drivers must possess not only a professional driver’s license but also:

  • Receive proper training
  • Follow state and federal rules, regulations, and laws
  • Maintain a safe truck with regular and thorough inspections

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) governs the hours of service allowed before a truck driver rests.

Long hours on the road and time away from family can contribute to drivers engaging in such dangerous behavior as:

  • Speeding: Many truck drivers are paid per mile and face tight loading and delivery schedules. A speeding truck driver can quickly lose control in both safe and unsafe weather conditions.
  • Distraction: A three-year study by the FMCSA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found external driver distraction as a major contributor to more than 11,000 truck accidents nationwide.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI): Drugs or alcohol and a possible combination of the two impairs a truck driver’s judgment, coordination, and reaction time. A Texas commercial truck driver faces a lower blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level than other drivers. The Texas Department of Public Safety states that a BAC level of .04 percent or higher may result in the loss of a commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  • Drowsy driving: Drifting asleep behind the wheel can cause a truck driver to drift into your lane. Commercial truck drivers with an undiagnosed sleep disorder or an inability to rest can cause serious harm to other road users.

Head-on collisions are not limited to driver behavior. In some accidents, mechanical issues are to blame.

Your attorney can conduct a thorough investigation to determine if one or more of the following issues contributed to the accident:

  • Faulty lighting
  • Poor brakes
  • Worn tires
  • Broken windshield or mirrors

These and other issues are among those most common in an FMCSA study. Therefore, failure to maintain a safe tractor and trailer is inexcusable and demands accountability.

The trucking industry generally involves aggressive insurance companies and lawyers who fight to pay accident victims fair compensation. If you suffered a catastrophic injury, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Fatal Head-On Truck Collisions and Wrongful Death

A fatal head-on collision results in a permanent loss and a broken heart. Processing the news about their death, planning a funeral or memorial service, and notifying others are emotionally draining.

Depending upon the type of relationship you had with the victim, you may qualify for a wrongful death claim and lawsuit. For example, if the decedent is your spouse, you want to pursue compensation for their loss of income and potential future earnings.

Wrongful death cases typically involve both economic and non-economic damages. Non-economic damages are those like the loss of companionship. These types of damages are harder to assign a specific monetary value. Pursuing compensation for your emotional loss is another reason why contacting an attorney can protect your best interests.

The cloud of grief you experience is understandable. No amount of money can ever replace your loved one. If successful, however, a wrongful death claim can help ease the financial burden of your loss.

How Lawyers Help Truck Accident Victims

A head-on truck collision is an incredibly violent type of crash. The severe impact forever changes a victim’s quality of life. When a truck driver, trucking company, or both are negligent, they are generally liable for your damages.

Mounting medical costs and an inability to work only adds to your suffering. If an insurance adjuster pushes you to accept a settlement, you may want to contact a truck accident lawyer instead. Truck accident lawyers know insurance company tactics and can fight for what you deserve.

Most truck accident cases settle without going to trial. If necessary, your lawyer will take your case before a judge and jury. Courtroom presentation skills and experience are essential for the best outcome possible. You do not have to fight your case alone consider getting help as soon as possible.

Time Is Not on Your Side

Time becomes a blur after a head-on truck collision. Whether you face multiple medical procedures or you suffer a loss, you must act quickly. The statute of limitations for filing your lawsuit can expire, leaving you with no further legal options.

Pursuing compensation is a serious matter when it comes to protecting your best interests. An insurance adjuster may say they want to help you when they want to protect company profits. But, unfortunately, your acceptance of their settlement offer prohibits you from seeking further compensation should your medical condition worsen.

Victims of a head-on truck collision should never settle for less than they deserve. The accident you or a loved one experienced was unfair and life-altering. However, the negligent actions by those liable for your harm generally mean the accident was preventable.

If a commercial truck driver is responsible for your head-on collision, act now. The sooner you contact a truck accident lawyer, the quicker they can get to work fighting for compensation for you.

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