Get the Most Money from a Car Accident

How to Get the Most Money From a Car Accident

One common worry among many victims of car collisions is the expense of medical care. A person could need ongoing treatment for their condition or costly medical equipment. Generally, lawsuits can ease most of the financial burden through compensation.

Various circumstances result in differences in settlements among claims. Calculations of the worth of your lawsuit are not always straightforward.

However, you may have the opportunity to get the most from your car accident. Several choices an injured person makes in the following weeks can change the value of their case.

Recoverable Damages

You could collect compensation for property damage after a car collision. Annually, around 4.8 million crashes only had property damage. Besides your car, electronic devices and other personal items count as property damage. Extensive vehicle repairs could increase the money you get from a claim.

However, many accidents involve bodily harm as well. A person can sustain various injuries, and they can range from minor to debilitating. Regardless of the type of injury you have, you most likely have to pay a visit to the doctor for a complete evaluation.

A treatment plan could mean longer stays at a hospital, medication, and medical devices. You might have to attend physical therapy. The medical costs can bring instability to a person’s financial resources. They can impact how much money you receive from a lawsuit.

Your injuries could cause you to stay home from work as well. The days you missed can mean less money in your paycheck. If you file a claim, you could claim lost wages. Some recoverable damages could be non-tangible.

The value of your case could increase with the presence of emotional distress. A severe injury can result in the loss of enjoyment of life. Pain and suffering are common among car accident lawsuits.

In the event of a fatal vehicle crash, a relative of the deceased can recover funeral and burial expenses. Loss of companionship can influence compensation as well.

Different Elements Can Change a Case’s Value

Other factors can increase the value of your car accident lawsuit. If a victim does not share fault for the incident, they can get more money in their compensation. A lawyer can help show that the defendant was negligent for the accident and resulting injuries.

Various types of evidence help raise the amount you could get from a settlement. Videos, photos, and medical imaging scans are some of what people use. Your attorney can let you know what evidence is crucial to your case. Of course, witness testimonies affect the value of a claim.

Many people have witnesses to provide statements about what occurred at the time of the accident. Attorneys can interview them to get a complete picture. Your lawyer can see if the opposing party’s witness has any inaccuracies. Inaccuracies can impact a settlement payout.

Another reason why a lawsuit is worth more is a police report. Police reports contain details of the incident, and some of them record the officer’s opinions of who was liable. Attorneys consider all the factors when they calculate the worth of a claim.

How You Can Get the Most From Your Claim

#1. Report the Incident

Among the 2.74 million injured people in car crashes, many victims have gotten high settlements. There may be many ways to maximize how much money you could get from a car accident claim. You would start immediately after the collision.

Most states require a person to notify the authorities of a crash involving injuries or vehicle damage. You could risk your case if you do not alert the police.

#2. Obtain Information

You need to stay at the scene and collect information from the other driver. Vehicle registration and the insurer are necessary to get the most out of your claim. You can obtain the names and phone numbers of any witnesses. Their testimonies can help your case in the future.

#3. Collect Evidence

Another way to maximize the value of your claim is to take photos. Pictures can be of the vehicle damage and your injuries. Video footage can help ensure you get more money in compensation as well.

Many streets have cameras nearby, so you should see if one is around and has recorded the collision. Your or someone else’s vehicle might have had a camera to capture driving footage. You should act quickly and obtain the video evidence before possible deletion.

#4. Do Not Say You Are at Fault

Another way to get higher reimbursement is not to admit fault. You should not accept blame when you talk to the officers. Additionally, you need to avoid liability when reporting the accident to the insurance company. You have less risk of a reduced payment if the defendant argues you are partially responsible.

#5. See a Doctor

When you leave the scene, you should have a doctor examine your physical condition. Even if you feel fine, you could have an unseen condition. For example, many people sustain a traumatic brain injury. You would not be able to go back and claim damages if you discover injuries after a lawsuit resolves.

#6. Keep Medical Bills and Records

Once you undergo medical treatment, keep copies of each bill you receive. You should wait until you have recovered enough before you request compensation. Usually, a more extended recovery period means a higher settlement. The average cost of a day at the hospital is $2,607.

If you need to spend a couple of weeks at a hospital, you could maximize your case’s value by waiting until you heal. Some people record their recovery progress in a journal. The journals also contain the emotional state of the victim.

Records can communicate the non-economic damages of a car accident. As a result, you can get more money potentially.

#7. Visit a Lawyer

Reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. You will want to consult an attorney if the insurance company tries to get you to agree to an early settlement. Lawyers help clients avoid a low-value offer and improve their chances of proving the other side was negligent.
Every case is different, and a car accident attorney knows what can get you more money.

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