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If the McAllen Police, Hidalgo County Sheriff, Texas Highway Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), or any other McAllen-area law enforcement agency investigates you, arrests you, or charges you with a crime, they place your rights and freedom at risk.

Do not say anything to anyone and do not answer any questions.

Instead, immediately contact a McAllen criminal defense attorney at Kenny Perez Law or ask a loved one to do so on your behalf.

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When do you need a McAllen criminal defense lawyer?

Criminal Defense Attorney

You need a criminal defense lawyer in McAllen if:

  • You were arrested or charged with a crime;
  • Law enforcement wants to question you as a suspect or person of interest in a criminal investigation;
  • Law enforcement has executed a search warrant at your home, business, or place of work;
  • You have any other reason to believe that you are or could be under criminal investigation or implicated in a criminal prosecution.

Never wait to call a lawyer in any of the circumstances above. Your rights and freedom are already in jeopardy and the government is already building a case against you. You need a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side now.

Benefits of Hiring McAllen Criminal Defense Attorney Kenny Perez Law

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The sooner you have a McAllen criminal defense attorney on your side, the better your chances of protecting your rights and freedoms.

At Kenny Perez Law, our criminal defense team can:

  • Negotiate the conditions of a client’s bail;
  • Post an attorney bond on our client’s behalf to get our client out of jail pending trial;
  • Advise a client of their rights, options, and range of potential outcomes;
  • Negotiate the terms of a proffer or cooperation agreement with the Hidalgo County Criminal District Attorney or federal prosecutors;
  • Fight to dismiss baseless charges or to suppress illegally obtained evidence;
  • Negotiate the terms of a plea bargain or plea agreement;
  • Prepare and present our client’s defense at a state or federal criminal trial;
  • Fight for the most lenient punishment possible for our client at sentencing; and
  • Pursue appeals of unjust criminal court rulings or sentences.

The criminal defense lawyers at Kenny Perez Law view their job as a true calling. We believe that everyone accused of a crime deserves a skilled legal defense, and that no one should face the criminal justice system alone.

Criminal Charges We Handle

At Kenny Perez law, we have the skill, experience, and resources to represent anyone accused or suspected of a wide range of criminal offenses, including:

  • Drug crimes, including possession, transportation, distribution, and manufacture of controlled substances like meth, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana;
  • DUI/DWI, which involves operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Domestic violence and intimate partner offenses, including assault, battery, stalking, and harassment, of family or household members or intimate partners;
  • Sex-related crimes, including rape, sexual assault, enticement of a minor, statutory rape, sex trafficking, and possession, accessing, manufacture, or distribution of child exploitation material/child pornography;
  • Violent crimes, including homicide, attempted homicide, aggravated assault, battery, robbery, and firearms-related offenses.

This is not a complete list. Even if you do not see the crime for which you have been investigated, arrested, or charged, call Kenny Perez Law immediately to find out how we can help.

Potential Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in McAllen

Take all criminal charges-from misdemeanors to violent felonies- seriously. Any criminal conviction can harm your life, family, freedom, and livelihood. Here are just some of the consequences you could face if convicted of a crime in McAllen, especially if you do not have a skilled criminal defense attorney in your corner.

#1. Incarceration

Prison or jail time can take a catastrophic toll on your life. It tears families apart, and can easily lead to losing your job, your home, your possessions, your relationships, and your reputation.

#2. Monetary fines

Owing money for a criminal conviction can create financial hardship in numerous ways. It can reduce your income, destroy your credit, and prevent you from investing in your future.

#3. Probation

Probation acts as a drag on your life and your freedom, requiring you to submit to (among other burdens):

  • Regular check-ins with a parole officer;
  • Warrantless searches of your home and possessions;
  • Limits on your travel or activities;
  • Remote monitoring (i.e., wearing an ankle monitor); and
  • Routine drug and alcohol screening.

#4. Sex offender registration

Certain sex crime convictions result in mandatory registration as a sex offender, a listing of your personal information and photograph on the Texas Public Sex Offender Website, and a wide variety of limitations on where you can live, work, and travel both within and beyond Texas.

#5. Life difficulties

A criminal conviction also imposes many difficulties and challenges in a person’s life. It can bar you from holding certain jobs, living in certain places, and associating with certain people. It can limit your economic opportunities and prevent you from getting loans. And it comes with a loss of reputation and trust that can be difficult to recover.

McAllen Criminal Defense Lawyers Who Fight for You

Kenny Perez - McAllen Criminal Defense Attorney
McAllen Criminal Defense Attorney, Kenny Perez

At Kenny Perez Law, we cannot promise to save our clients from every consequence of the criminal charges against them. We can, however, guarantee that our team of experienced legal professionals will fight tirelessly against unjust charges, improper government practices, and unfair punishments that threaten to take away our clients’ families, livelihoods, and freedoms.

If you face actual or possible criminal charges in McAllen or greater Hidalgo County, do not wait to contact Kenny Perez Law online or call our office at (956) 544-9292. We’re available 24/7 and offer a free case consultation in English or Spanish.

If you need to get yourself or a loved one out of jail after an arrest or pending trial, we may also have the ability to issue an attorney bond as bail on your behalf.

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