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McAllen Federal Criminal Attorney

Federal crimes are serious allegations no matter which laws you stand accused of violating.

You might find yourself accused because the victim misidentified you as the perpetrator. That misunderstanding could make someone believe you are guilty.

You need help and support to prove your innocence. The federal criminal defense lawyers at Kenny Perez Law have experience with cases like yours. We work endlessly to achieve the best results for all our Harlingen clients.

Common Federal Crimes

#1. Drug Crimes

Harlingen Federal Criminal Lawyer

Defendants in Harlingen can face federal charges for a variety of crimes. One example is a drug crime, and a common one is drug trafficking.

Under 21 U.S. Code § 841, you cannot manufacture, sell, transport, or possess controlled substances intentionally. The law limits how much a person can possess before they violate it.

#2. Money Laundering

Money laundering is when a person takes revenue from illegal activities and makes income appear as if it came from a legal source. The dirty money becomes clean in a sense. Street-level and white-collar criminals alike might engage in money laundering.

Plenty of people will launder income digitally. For example, someone can transfer cash through online banking and cryptocurrencies without suspicion.

#3. Armed Robbery

About 268,000 robberies occur in the United States every year. The rate has gone down slightly in recent years. Many cases are armed robberies, and an armed robbery is a form of theft in which the perpetrator uses a weapon.

The criminal might use the weapon or threaten to attack the victim. Armed robbery can occur on the street or in a commercial building. Authorities classify the offense as a violent crime.

#4. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes abuse between family members, current and former dating couples, and ex-spouses. An estimated 194,872 incidents of abuse in the family happen each year in Texas. Kicking, hitting, scratching, and other forms of physical abuse make up domestic violence.

The offense can include verbal and emotional abuse as well. Traumatic events can affect friends and other family members who witness the violence.

#5. Identity Theft

Approximately 33 percent of people in the United States have suffered from identity theft. Identity theft is when someone steals another person’s identification for economic gain. The crime can cost victims thousands of dollars in damages.

The perpetrator might take a victim’s social security number, tax records, or bank account information. A person’s credit report diminishes as a result of identity theft.

Penalties for aFederal Crimes

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Federal crimes usually fall under a misdemeanor or felony charge. Misdemeanors involve minor offenses like theft of public property. Authorities classify them into one of three categories. The categories are A, B, and C, and A is the most serious classification.

Misdemeanors can have a sentence of up to a year in prison and a maximum of $100,000 in fines. Some people receive multiple years of probation as well.

A crime can lead to a felony charge, and the penalties generally are harsher than misdemeanors. Examples of severe offenses are kidnappings and drug trafficking. The five felony categories are A, B, C, D, and E.

A Class A felony is the most serious group. Imprisonment can range from 1 year to a life sentence upon conviction. The maximum fine is $250,000, and a person can receive probation. The type of crime determines what punishment the court decides.

A defendant can face both federal and state charges at the same time. You could end up paying the cost of an offense you did not commit. Kenny Perez Law can come to your defense to avoid prison time and fines.

Do Not Speak to Investigators Without a Lawyer

Investigations usually follow federal crimes, and investigators can have multiple suspects. Law enforcement officers might approach you for a “voluntary” interview. They might detain you for a short time and ask questions.

Never speak to the police without a criminal defense attorney. Citizens have the right to remain silent. You are more likely to make incriminatory statements under pressure.

Several detectives use tactics to get suspects to say what they want to hear. The threat of arrest and leading questions are common examples. The police could use what you say against you.

Detectives generally pause the investigation if you invoke your right to an attorney. Lawyers can protect you from unfair investigation strategies. Your defense lawyer provides valuable counsel and advises you on how to proceed.

Defense Strategies

Defendants can represent themselves if the judge determines they are competent. However, a lawyer gives you a substantial advantage if you go to court.

The prosecutors have to prove you are the guilty party beyond a reasonable doubt to get a conviction. Have an attorney who can counter any arguments the other side presents.

Several common defense strategies help minimize or drop charges. One of them is that the police have the wrong person.

The argument could work if the victim does not know the actual identity defendant. Additionally, the crime scene may have lacked physical evidence to link the suspect to the event.

Officers need to have a warrant or probable cause to search people. In some cases, searches and seizures were unlawful. Your attorney might claim the police illegally obtained the evidence. If successful, the content becomes inadmissible in court.

A violent crime may have been the product of self-defense. Some people can fight back if they believe the action is necessary for their safety. Your attorney can work to prove you meet the requirements of a self-defense claim.

Hire a Federal Criminal Lawyer

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McAllen Federal Criminal Lawyer, Kenny Perez

A federal conviction on your record can lead to multiple restrictions. Harlingen residents could forfeit their right to vote or hold certain professions. Kenny Perez Law knows the opportunities you could lose after a conviction—and how to protect them.
Call our firm to see how we can support you and provide a strong defense. Do not hesitate to contact our Harlingen federal criminal lawyers at (956) 544-9292  for legal advice. We can review your situation during a free consultation, and help you chart a strategy for the best possible defense.

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