need a defense lawyer for drug charges

Why You Need a Defense Lawyer for Drug Charges

You may wonder what comes next if you were recently arrested and charged with a drug-related offense, including drug possession, drug transportation, drug distribution, or drug manufacturing. First, do not underestimate the severity of the charges. A conviction for these crimes could result in fines, a lengthy prison sentence, and collateral consequences such as losing your job, housing, or government-provided benefits.

For this reason, you must contact an experienced drug crimes defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you have someone looking out for your rights during this difficult time.

The fact is that the legal process is complicated, and having an attorney by your side will give you the best chances of minimizing the effect of the charges against you. If you or a loved one are currently facing drug-related criminal charges, keep reading, and consider consulting a defense attorney as soon as possible.

An Attorney Knows the Judicial System

Perhaps the most important reason to consult a criminal defense attorney if you are facing drug charges is to ensure that you have someone by your side to walk you through the complexities of the judicial system.

As you have likely already realized, the judicial system can be complicated. Without an attorney, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed by all of the complexities and technicalities involved with your case. However, when you work with a drug crimes defense attorney, you will have someone by your side to walk you through this difficult time.

In addition to researching your case and building you a viable defense, your attorney will also help you navigate the legal process. They will guide you through each step of the process and make sure you understand what is happening and how it may affect your life.

Protect Your Rights

Another important reason to work with an attorney is to protect your rights. The legal system is designed to ensure that all defendants have the right to a fair trial.

However, the average person likely won’t be familiar with the limits of what law enforcement is allowed to do when obtaining evidence during a criminal case, which could leave you vulnerable.

Fortunately, an experienced defense attorney will have spent years learning proper procedures and familiarizing themselves with what police officers are allowed to do during an investigation. That knowledge could be the key to you walking away with your freedom.

For instance, an experienced attorney will know what loopholes to look for, and if they believe authorities infringe your rights, such as if law enforcement searched your property without a warrant, they may get your case dismissed.

They Have Dealt With Cases Similar to Yours

While you must work with an attorney after being charged with drug crimes, you must hire a defense attorney with experience working on drug charge cases.

A drug crimes attorney will have handled cases similar to yours, and they may have even worked on cases nearly identical to yours. This means that they will have valuable knowledge about the local court system, including what defenses may work best given the judge and the facts of their case. Instead of trying to represent yourself, work with a drug crimes attorney who has the experience to build you a defense that will give you the best chances of reducing the charges leveled against you.

They Can Potentially Save You Money

One of the most common reasons people choose to represent themselves in court instead of hiring a criminal defense attorney is that they think doing so will save them money. However, while it may sound counterintuitive, hiring an experienced defense attorney can save you money in the long run.

While quality defense attorneys aren’t cheap, they can reduce your sentencing, which could reduce your fines. An attorney could also help you avoid significant prison time, costing you a lot of money in lost wages. Thus, while hiring an attorney may seem costly upfront, it is almost always worth it in the long run.

They Can Advise You on Possible Outcomes

Of course, a good criminal defense lawyer should not make any guarantees or try to claim that there’s no way you will lose your case. In fact, they should be doing the opposite.

An experienced attorney can help you better prepare mentally for what is to come by helping you understand all of the possible outcomes that could come from your case. They will help you understand the most likely scenarios moving forward, and they will help you get prepared if you face mandatory jail time. Your attorney can also help you understand your options if you receive a plea deal, and they can help you decide whether accepting it is in your best interests.

If you try to defend yourself, you may find yourself unprepared for what awaits you at the end of your trial. A defense attorney can help ensure that you are prepared mentally and emotionally for whatever happens in the weeks and months to come.
If authorities charge you or a loved one with a drug-related crime, do not wait. You must consult an experienced drug crimes attorney as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us at (956) 544-9292 to learn more about the importance of consulting a defense lawyer for drug charges.

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