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An accident can turn your whole life upside down with little warning. You may face a long and uphill battle trying to recover from your injuries. You may face an uncertain future without employment or with a long-term disability. During this time, creditors will demand payment—and they don’t care about your injuries. Even the insurance companies don’t truly care about your injuries and how they will affect your life. Their only objective is to pay you as little as they can—even if it significantly less than you need. For these reasons, injured Brownsville accident survivors need a personal injury law firm on their side from the start. At Kenny Perez Law, our Brownsville personal injury lawyers know how to fight the insurance companies and handle creditors. We work on all legal aspects of your injury claim so you can focus on your recovery and on getting back to what truly matters. The Brownsville personal injury lawyers at Kenny Perez Law always aim to get injured individuals the most possible compensation in cases of negligence or wrongful actions without upfront costs to them. At Kenny Perez Law, we don’t charge any upfront costs until we secure compensation for you. It is that simple. The personal injury lawyers at Kenny Perez Law know how to use our legal skills and experience to achieve desired results. We have over 500 successful cases to date. If you ever need a Brownsville personal injury lawyer, you can call Kenny Perez Law 24/7. We have English and Spanish-speaking staff who can communicate with you in the language you’re most comfortable using.

What Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

If you suffered an injury because of another person’s negligence or actions, you may wonder if you can file a personal injury claim. Let our Brownsville personal injury law firm assess your case from the start to see if you qualify to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit.
Generally, however, if another person or entity caused your accident, the law allows you to file an injury claim or a personal injury lawsuit to collect damages. To do this, you must prove negligence and establish fault. This is tricky and often involves an intense investigation into your accident.
At Kenny Perez Law, we leave no stone unturned when we investigate personal injury claims. We want to make the legal process easier for you. That is why we handle all legal aspects of your case for you, so you can focus on your treatment plan and rebuilding your life.

Negligence in Personal Injury Claims

If you are an injured individual filing a personal injury lawsuit, you must prove negligence or wrongdoing on the part of the defendant. This can hold them legally liable for your injuries. Generally, if someone acted recklessly and caused you harm, they may also bear responsibility for the damages they caused.
If the four elements of negligence claims are present, an experienced Brownsville personal injury lawyer can prove it.

Duty of Care

In determining negligence, the first factor to consider is the duty of care. To prove this, your lawyer must show that the defendant owed you a legal obligation to practice diligence.
For example, the law expects drivers to maintain vehicles and follow traffic safety rules. If a driver hits you with his car, your lawyer must prove that the driver needed to avoid speeding, texting while driving, drinking while driving, or driving aggressively, among other behaviors that lead to accidents.

Breach of Duty

The second element in determining negligence is proving that the defendant breached their duty by not meeting the required level of reasonable care. Your lawyer must establish how the defendant violated the reasonable care requirement by showing what the defendant did or did not do that could have prevented your injury.

Given the earlier car accident example, these factors might prove breach of duty:

  • A traffic law violation, which you can prove through a police report
  • Eyewitness testimonials
  • Your recollection of the accident
  • Evidence at the accident scene


Causation is the third element of negligence. When it comes to personal injury claims, it’s not enough that the defendant was negligent. Their carelessness must have caused your injuries.

For example, a driver who doesn’t stop in front of a crosswalk and breaks a pedestrian’s leg may meet the causation criteria. If the driver did not strike the pedestrian, the latter would not have sustained injuries. In this instance, the driver’s negligence caused the pedestrian’s injuries.


Damages are the last considerations in personal injury cases. If a victim suffers injury or loss because of a defendant’s negligence, the court will ask the latter to pay for damages.

Here are some damages a victim may claim in personal injury cases:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Loss of ability to earn an income
  • Loss of ability to enjoy life
  • Mental or psychological injury

If you or anyone you know is suffering because of another’s negligence, call the experienced lawyers at Kenny Perez Law. They can help you determine if you have a strong case.

Brownsville Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sitting on the border, Brownsville fuels the South Texas economy through international trade with Mexico. As a result, the area sees a lot of commercial traffic. We see too many accidents involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles—particularly on the I-69E, TX-4, and narrow, secondary paths. Traffic accidents can lead to:
  • concussions
  • broken bones
  • abrasions
  • internal injuries.
Some of these injuries might cause physical pain or severe trauma which can have lasting consequences impacting the quality of your life. Motorcycle accidents produce some of Brownsville’s most devastating injuries. Because of the minimal protection riders get from these vehicles, they are prone to sustaining severe injuries. When a motorcycle collides with another moving or stationary vehicle, the rider usually receives the most impact, leading to crippling injuries involving damage to the brain, spine, internal organs, or bones.

These injuries can leave you disoriented—whether you were rear-ended, sideswiped, or hit by a drunk, distracted, or hit and run driver. You might not know how the accident happened or who the responsible party is. Apart from medical concerns, victims might also come across financial difficulties caused by medical bills and missed workdays. Know that you are not alone in such circumstances. The experienced lawyers at Kenny Perez Law can help you. Keep in mind that they do not charge for consultations and will not collect payment unless you get paid. Our reliable Brownsville personal injury lawyers help injured individuals understand the common causes of such accidents. Additionally, we can discuss a victim’s rights, responsibilities, and options, as well as what we can do for them. The lawyers at Kenny Perez Law always aim to get the most possible compensation for their clients. Call them if you or anyone you know suffer from traffic accident injuries.

Premises Liability

Sometimes, individuals sustain injuries in public spaces like parks and municipal buildings. They may find themselves injured at private homes and on commercial properties like stores and restaurants due to:
  • electrical hazards,
  • toxic environments,
  • broken stairs or handrails,
  • wet floor slip and fall accidents

The lawyers at Kenny Perez Law understand the laws surrounding such accidents. They have enough skills and experience to assist Brownsville residents in such cases.

The premises liability laws in Texas require premises owners and managers to maintain safe, non-hazardous conditions to protect visitors. The personnel managing them have a legal obligation to inform visitors of potentially hazardous conditions in such areas.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries at the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport, the Tropical Gardens at Boca Chica, Gladys Porter Zoo, the Historic Brownsville Museum, any of the three Brownsville Walmart Supercenters, or any other Brownsville business, the premises liability lawyers at Kenny Perez Law can help you pursue compensation. For your free appointment, call them now.

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  Whether you or someone you know sustained injuries from a car, truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident, or premises liability (like a slip and fall), you can trust the Brownsville personal injury lawyers at Kenny Perez Law. They care about the people in their community and will not charge you unless they recover compensation for you.

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