How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Negotiate With Insurance Companies

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Negotiate With Insurance Companies

It is no secret that insurance companies do not want to pay for losses resulting from car accidents. Insurance companies employ teams of lawyers that work to save them as much money as possible when paying for your losses. Hiring a personal injury attorney that has refuses to settle low and does not allow insurance companies to get away with avoiding the total cost of your injuries is the best thing you can do to make sure you are returned to your old self after a car accident.

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Kenny Perez Law are exactly what you need to put the traumatic experience of an accident behind you and return to your life before the accident. Dealing with insurance companies is what Kenny Perez Law is known for and we have a process that has gotten our clients compensated for their injuries. At Kenny Perez Law we fight for your right. We treat our client like family and make sure insurance companies do not bully you. Your only job is to feel better. Remember, no one asked you to get hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Demand Letter

The start of the negotiation process is not between Kenny Perez Law and the insurance company—it is between you and Kenny Perez Law. Kenny Perez Law will gather information about how much you deserve as payment for your injuries. That will include past medical expenses, expected future medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and other losses that you have suffered.

With this information, Kenny Perez Law can know what how much you deserve to be compensated by the insurance company. A Demand Letter will be sent to the insurance company detailing the amount you are willing to settle for, and what would be fair for both you and the insurance company.

But remember, insurance companies do not want to pay what is fair, they want to pay as little as possible. So the demand letter will be rejected most of the time. But the insurance company cannot refuse to pay and be done with your claim. You have the right to be compensated for your vehicle damages and physical injuries; Kenny Perez Law we are Brownsville lawyers that will continue working to get you what you deserve.

Communicating With the Insurance Company Lawyers

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The teams of lawyers employed by insurance companies try to pay as little as possible to victims of car accidents, they want to drag out the claim process to waste your time and money. Kenny Perez Law wants to process your claim as quickly as possible for as much money as possible. We want you to move past this accident and get back to your life without worrying about your car or medical expenses.

We try to communicate with the insurance lawyers to come to agreeable terms for a settlement. Because insurance companies do not want to pay, their lawyers will avoid contact and try to delay processing your claim. We at Kenny Perez Law are Brownsville lawyer who know this and will reach out tirelessly and show them that they cannot avoid responsibility for your medical bills and other damages.

Even if the insurance company’s lawyers do not want to communicate with us at Kenny Perez Law, or if they negotiate in bad faith, we will not stop trying to communicate with the insurance company’s lawyers to get you your compensation as soon as possible. We will not force you to wait until a mediation or court to get you your end result. Instead, we will continue through these steps trying as often as possible to come to an agreement on a fair settlement.

File a Lawsuit

If we cannot reach agreeable terms with the insurance company, the next step is to file a lawsuit. The lawsuit serves the very important purpose of showing the insurance company that you are serious about your demands, that they will not get away with avoiding adequate payment for your accident injuries.

Filing a lawsuit does not stop the negotiations. Instead, it shows the insurances company’s lawyers that we at Kenny Perez Law, a Brownsville lawyer, are not afraid to face them in court. We know all their tricks and we know all their tactics. That does not mean your case will make it to court. In fact, it is in everyone’s interest that the case does not make it to court. It saves time and money for everyone involved.

But do not be mistaken, if the insurance company does not want to negotiate in good faith, the personal injuries lawyers at Kenny Perez Law have experience with getting victims of car accidents fair compensation even when the insurance company would rather pay less. We have been successful with car accidents for over 34 years.


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Personal Injury Lawyer, Kenny Perez

If an insurance company refuses to settle your claim, there is another way you can avoid court. This is through a process called mediation. This is a meeting where your lawyer and the insurance company’s lawyers will come together and discuss the claim. The lawyers from Kenny Perez Law and the insurance company discuss everything about the claim to reach a final agreement. They will discuss the events surrounding your accident, who was at fault, why that party was at fault, the medical costs, and what a fair settlement price is.

For mediation, the lawyers at Kenny Perez Law will prepare as though we were preparing for trial. Nowhere in the process of your case will you feel like you do not know where your case stands. Customer service is our priority and all of us speak Spanish. We will research your case, talk to expert witnesses and your medical providers, and present our best case to get you the compensation you deserve. When you need a lawyer that fights for you, when you need a Brownsville Lawyer you need Kenny Perez Law—a law firm you can trust.

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