What Can A DUI Lawyer Do For You?

What Can a DUI Lawyer Do for You?

Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a crime in every state. As a result, if you have been charged with a DUI, you can be looking at significant consequences that can forever impact your life, including substantial fines, strict probation, and even jail time.

With a DUI lawyer on your side, you do not have to take on this complex criminal case alone. Rather, these attorneys can help you take on this fight and pursue an outcome that goes as much in your favor as possible.

Yet, even with all these benefits that a DUI lawyer can provide, some people are still on the fence about retaining a DUI lawyer when they need them most. That is why to better help you understand what these DUI lawyers can do for you, we have prepared the following blog post. In it, we will go into detail about what these DUI lawyers do, and how they can help you.

DUI Lawyers Can Provide You With an Opinion About Your Case and What Options You Have

DUI laws are constantly changing, and for many people, they are hard to understand. If you were charged with a DUI, you probably cannot assess the weaknesses and strengths of your case alone. Fortunately, with an experienced DUI lawyer, you will not have to figure this out yourself.

Many experienced DUI lawyers offer free consultations to prospective clients, which means they can go over your case, answer questions you have, and provide you with information regarding your situation and how they can help you free of charge.

You should also know that even if you consult with these attorneys, you do not have to hire them or take their advice. However, meeting with them is a great way to decide if they are the right fit for you and figure out what legal options you have.

DUI Lawyers Generally Know the Local Courts Better Than You

Another significant advantage of hiring a DUI lawyer is they are often comfortable with the local courts and have experience handling criminal cases there. This can be helpful if you have a DUI arrest since these lawyers are often familiar with the judge or prosecuting attorney involved in your case and also have a wealth of local legal experience, which can ultimately help you with the outcome of your case.

DUI Lawyers Can Help You Avoid Convictions

Typically, individuals charged with a DUI will often want to hire a DUI lawyer to help them avoid a conviction. This is usually done through a plea bargain, where the defense lawyer tries to negotiate with the prosecuting lawyer to reach a compromise to avoid a DUI conviction.

For instance, a DUI lawyer may not be able to negotiate to get your conviction expunged, but they can be able to negotiate for a lesser charge, which can be beneficial to you, as this lesser charge can help you avoid credit or employment problems, which a DUI conviction may stir up.

DUI Lawyers Can Advise You to Keep Quiet

Another perk of having a DUI lawyer representing you is that these lawyers can take over communication on your behalf. For example, these lawyers may advise you against taking the stand in your own defense, which can spare you the challenges of direct examination.

In addition, by leaving communication to your lawyer and not volunteering any information, you can limit the flow of information and prevent yourself from providing the other side with potentially incriminating details that can render possible defenses inapplicable.

For these reasons, it is recommended that you discuss your case with a DUI lawyer as soon as possible, so they can help you understand when you need to leave the talking to your legal counsel.

There are many deadlines when it comes to a DUI case, and missing one of these deadlines can wreak havoc on your chance of getting the outcome you want.

For instance, if you do not request police dashcam footage in time, you may not be able to get key evidence of possible misconduct, which can significantly hurt your case. For these reasons, it is a good idea to reach out to an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible so that these attorneys can make sure to retrieve the necessary documents and submit legal motions before time runs out.

The purpose of having a DUI lawyer is to protect your legal rights, especially those that many people may not even know they have. That is why having a DUI lawyer on your team is so valuable.

These legal professionals not only understand what legal rights you have, but they know what they have to do to protect these rights, such as examining your case as thoroughly as possible and finding any loopholes they can to defend you. This also allows you to explore all the legal options you have instead of just giving in to the courts and having to deal with the devastating consequences.

A DUI Lawyer Can Help You Today

Even if you are dealing with your first DUI arrest, you should still consider retaining an experienced DUI lawyer to take on your case. Not only can these skilled legal professionals provide you with the legal help you need during this challenging time in your life, but they are also far more likely to help you get your charges dropped, or your case dismissed.

Remember, retaining a DUI attorney is more than just a way to get out of trouble. It is an investment into your freedom and your livelihood.

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