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Riding a bus is one of the great conveniences of city life here in Brownsville, though it can also lead to serious accidents. Personal injuries easily happen either on the bus or outside (such as a bus that hits pedestrians).

Either way, these injuries often create major life changes for those involved. For instance, a slip and fall inside a bus could easily lead to back injuries for years to come. Being hit by a bus while in an intersection also causes critical physical injuries that last a lifetime.

What do you do when a situation like this happens? Contacting a Brownsville bus accident lawyer is essential. We are there for you at Kenny Perez Law.

Our Law Firm

Our firm handles personal injury cases for all residents living in Brownsville. Thanks to the legal expertise of Kenny Perez, you can expect an attorney who devoted his life to helping Brownsville residents pursue the justice they deserve.

Kenny’s educational experience at South Texas College of Law in Houston and working for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office makes him eminently qualified to take on personal injury cases.

What makes our firm stand out is our team’s thorough knowledge of Texas roads, businesses, and insurance companies among other things. Kenny also has connections with local courts, attorneys, and judges. His connections give him a profound understanding of how the legal system works in this region of Texas.

The invaluable knowledge Kenny and his team have makes them stand alone from so many legal competitors.

Why Hire Us for Your Brownsville Bus Accident Case?

Based on our extensive experience and positive case results over the years, you will have a powerful legal team in Brownsville. Our case results have been notable, including numerous settlements in the six figures or higher.

Super Lawyers Brownsville Texas

One of our most noteworthy cases involved an 18-wheeler accident that happened to net a $1 million settlement to our client. A T-bone accident with a commercial vehicle also netted $350,000. Keep in mind that each case is different and your results might vary. Kenny Perez Law is here to help and to pursue the best outcome possible.

We also handle many bus accident cases here in Brownsville. Many times, these involve head-on collisions with other vehicles, hitting pedestrians in crosswalks, or slip and falls on the bus itself.

We know all too well what bus accidents can do in bringing devastating injuries. To better understand this, it is best to look at areas, districts, and boulevards within Brownsville with the highest bus accident potential.

What Areas of Brownsville Have the Most Bus Accidents?

All bus routes in Brownsville originate at La Plaza at Brownsville Terminal. While not all bus accidents happen there, various streets where the buses stop frequently see accidents.

An example is the Westend district in Brownsville, one of the first stops for the city bus service. Considering the buses stop here at the earliest time of the morning (6:00 a.m.), morning commute traffic is more congested.

With so much traffic in an area like this, the chances of a bus accident occurring are all the greater. Navigating a bus within tight areas that have cars and pedestrians everywhere is not an easy task. This still does not excuse negligence in causing an accident due to inexperience or other factors.

Bus drivers are sometimes drowsy from having to start their shifts at such an early time in the morning. Or, they may be distracted from talking with other passengers or listening to the radio.

Other areas and streets within Brownsville apply to this same scenario.

Jefferson/Central County

Another area with potentially high bus accident potential is Jefferson/Central County area, the next stop for Brownsville Metro. Valley Baptist Medical Center is located here, making it a very busy spot for accidents to occur.

While routes run here all day long, buses also come through during busy rush hours. They stop around the noon hour, which is when lunchtime crowds are crowding the streets.

You will also find buses here at 5 p.m., another busy time when everyone is heading home from work. Many bus accidents occur then as much as in the morning with everyone trying to get home as fast as they can.

Boca Chica

Located just 25 miles east of Brownsville, Boca Chica is another area where Brownsville Metro runs. As a bustling place that includes Boca Chica Village and even SpaceX, it has people coming and going at all times.

Traffic volume is known for being intense here due to SpaceX closing down roads and creating traffic bottlenecks in the process during their rocket launches. It only makes it more difficult for Brownsville Metro to get their buses through the intense traffic.

Accidents are going to happen more often when traffic is at this level. Unfortunately, we have seen more than a few from here.

Los Ebanos

The Los Ebanos area includes Los Ebanos Boulevard, another busy spot within Brownsville. As another busy area, buses run here from 6:15 a.m. up until almost 7 p.m.

Along this area, you will find notable places like City Plaza, and Pace High School. Having a major high school near here is an additional risk, especially with kids frequently crossing intersections in the morning and afternoon.

When children become injured from buses in school zones, it is all the more tragic. We are on your side to fight for you if you have a child injured by a bus in this busy part of the city.

Paredes/Alton Gloor

These boulevards are yet another area where traffic can become chaotic. Valley Regional Medical Center is here, bringing with that considerable vehicle and foot traffic along this block.

Popular stores like H-E-B and Walmart are also along this area, not including the Brownsville Housing Authority and Texas Department of Public Safety.

All too often, we hear about people being sent to Valley Regional Medical Center due to a nearby bus accident. It is there where we sometimes meet with clients who just suffered injuries from a bus.


In the Southmost neighborhood, buses have the disadvantage again of being near another high school. Porter High School is located in this area, bringing the potential for accidents with school kids.

Adding to this is yet another high school nearby: Lopez High School. Even the Southmost branch of the Public Library is located here, making foot traffic more prevalent than other streets.

We continue to hear about bus accidents in Southmost all too often. When including Clinica Santa Maria nearby, plus Workforce Solutions, the amount of traffic here is usually as busy as Boca Chica.

Jose Colunga/ESTS

Serving the Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport, these unique streets also have a park in addition to schools and businesses. Central Avenue Park adds more foot traffic to this region than anywhere else.

Buses sometimes hit pedestrians on crosswalks near here. The same happens near nearby Porter High School and A&V Lopez Supermarket.

Due to the airport being near here, car traffic also gets busy, often causing buses to crash into vehicles of all shapes and sizes.


Hortencia Boulevard is equally busy with traffic, mostly due to two schools with younger students. Besteiro Middle School and Aiken Elementary are located here, bringing the potential of kids darting into the path of Brownsville Metro buses.

We all know children under 13 are sometimes livelier and can potentially run into busy streets. Accidents like this have happened before, and it is frequently due to bus driving negligence.

The Cameron County Juvenile Department is also nearby, making this region a little busier with the younger set.


Anyone who lives in nearby Austin knows how it is also a hub of major activity. Brownsville Children’s Clinic is one of the prominent businesses along this bus route. Ozanam Center and Brownsville Public Utilities Board are also continually busy.

Plus, with Rivera High School along this route, it is once again easy to have kids hit by a bus. Texas Migrant Council is just as busy, with cars coming and going from the parking lot at all times.

Cars of any size can be totaled when hit at high impact by one of the Brownsville Metro buses.

Old Port Isabel

Traveling Old Port Isabel Road, you will find two Walmarts, plus Cameron County Housing Authority. Cameron County Education Initiative is also along here, making cars and foot traffic fairly brisk as well.

Anyone who shops the local Walmarts here knows how much business they get. Nearby residents sometimes walk there, increasing the chances of being hit by a bus.

Scorpion Connector

Brownsville Metro buses only run until 1 p.m. in this area. Transporting local residents right when lunch hour is ending is the worst timing when everyone is in a mad dash to get back to work.

Texas Southmost College ITECC is located here, creating a problem of adult students passing through crosswalks, increasing risks from passing buses. Distracted bus drivers are one of the most common accident cases we encounter from here and on other streets.

Route 30 Southeast

The Southeast region of Brownsville has quite a few active sites that also increase bus accident potential. Brownsville/S.P.I. International Airport is here, as is Pete Benavides Park.

The Commemorative Air Force Museum is an additional busy place, usually dropping off tourists by bus. It is a common location where we hear about locals and tourists being hit by buses on street corners.

FAQs About Brownsville Bus Accidents

What questions do you have about bus accidents that we have not covered? We frequently get unique questions about what happens after being injured in a bus accident.

Take a look at these five common questions we receive. For more specific questions about your legal options, contact us today.

The only way to know if you have a chance with your bus accident injury case is to call us and let us evaluate what happened. We will take into account what happened during the accident based on the evidence available. Sometimes this can come from your own medical records, plus traffic cameras showing proof of the incident.

Best of all, we give free case evaluations. You can also call us 24/7 to get going on the evaluation process.

If retained, we can take your case immediately without charging you upfront. We want to reduce all your stress since you already have enough to worry about with medical bills and recovery.

Our team works on your case while you take time to get yourself back to a sense of normal. In the end, we make the insurance companies pay us our attorneys’ fees when a settlement is reached.

Thanks to our expertise in working with insurance companies, we know how to handle them to pursue the best possible settlement.

3. Can I Get Deferred Payments on Medical Bills?

Yes, it is possible to get a medical bill deferment. We know many clients who suffer from personal injuries from bus accidents fear going to the hospital to get treated. After all, with medical costs sky-high, that fear is more than justifiable.

Our team works with medical providers to defer payments while you recover. Letters of protection delay billing until after a settlement or court case. This way, you can recover in peace without the stress of expensive medical bills arriving in your mailbox.

4. What is the Statute of Limitations on Personal Injuries?

Here in Texas, you have up to two years to file a claim based on a bus accident you experienced. It provides extra time if you discovered the bus accident you were in brought prolonged physical injuries you did not think would last.

While this provides plenty of time, it is better not to wait too long to get a case pending if you have suffered overly serious injuries.

5. How Do Negotiations with Insurance Companies Work?

It takes specific legal prowess to properly negotiate with insurance companies on getting a fair settlement finalized. Kenny and his team of personal injury lawyers first communicate with the insurance company’s legal team to agree to a settlement you deserve.

If this agreement cannot be settled, we go forward with a lawsuit based on the evidence you provided us. However, sometimes we can mediate to avoid going through a lengthy trial.

Call Our Brownsvlle Bus Accident Attorneys Today

Contact us immediately at Kenny Perez Law if a bus accident injured you. Based on the physical impact bus injuries frequently bring, you will need to protect yourself legally to avoid financial stress.

We have the experience to properly investigate these claims. We know the city and bus system. We understand all of the legal procedures needed to recover compensation. But most of all, we will get to know you so that we fully appreciate what you’re going through—not just so we can properly evaluate your claim and seek the compensation you deserve, but because we care about our clients.

You can reach us at (956) 544-9292 or through our contact page. We look forward to helping you through this difficult time.

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