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Personal Injury Lawyer Brownsville Texas

Our team of Brownsville personal injury lawyers have only one goal: Making sure you get fully compensated for all your harms and losses. 

Every year, many people throughout Texas suffer from injuries due to another person’s negligence. Texas residents often experience personal injury accidents for a variety of reasons. For instance, the state sees plenty of commercial traffic for international trade; accordingly, motor vehicle accidents are likely to occur.

Whether it is a slip and fall case or a product liability claim, victims can get left with a mountain of medical bills. In many cases, you are entitled to compensation to help you recover. Our Texas personal injury attorneys can make you feel less stressed and level the playing field.

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Experienced Personal Injury Representation in Brownsville

Nobody should have to suffer from someone else’s carelessness or disregard for the safety of others. If you or a loved one are suffering due to the actions of another person, you should not have to bear the financial and medical burden alone.

Kenny Perez knows Texas law inside and out. He attended South Texas College of Law in Houston and worked for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office during that time. He has since dedicated his life and his career to helping injured Texas accident victims.

Kenny knows the roads, the businesses, the insurance companies, and the local courts that will affect your case. His personal connections with state and local attorneys, courthouse personnel (including judges), medical experts, and accident specialists allow him to build your case solidly from the start.

Kenny Perez uses his technical background and professionalism to represent injured clients in personal injury cases in Brownsville. He is a reliable Brownsville personal injury lawyer who can help you claim the most possible compensation for injuries caused by negligence.

With over 500 successful cases under our belt, you can rest assured knowing you have a strong legal advocate on your side.

To make it easier for you to get help after a serious accident, our law firm offers FREE initial consultations and reviews. We want to get to know you better and hear your story. Your life and your future matter to us, and it shows.


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We are proud to serve accident victims and families throughout Brownsville, McAllen, Houston, Dallas and the surrounding areas. Call today. We are available 24/7 to take your call or answer any questions you have by email, text, or virtually.

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Why Choose Our Brownsville Injury Lawyers?

  • Did you suffer an injury in a car accident on a Texas Highway?
  • Did you slip and fall while attending a mandatory event for work?
  • Perhaps you got into a motorcycle crash while leaving H-E-B?

An accident can turn your whole life upside down with little warning. You may face a long and uphill battle trying to recover from your injuries. You may face an uncertain future without employment or with a long-term disability. During this time, creditors will demand payment—and they don’t care about your injuries. Even the insurance companies don’t truly care about your injuries and how they will affect your life. Their only objective is to pay you as little as they can—even if it significantly less than you need.

For these reasons, injured Texaas accident survivors need a personal injury law firm on their side from the start. At Kenny Perez Law, our Texas personal injury lawyers know how to fight the insurance companies and handle creditors. We work on all legal aspects of your injury claim so you can focus on your recovery and on getting back to what truly matters.

The Texas personal injury lawyers at Kenny Perez Law always aim to get injured individuals the most possible compensation in cases of negligence or wrongful actions without upfront costs to them. At Kenny Perez Law, we don’t charge any upfront costs until we secure compensation for you. It is that simple.

The personal injury lawyers at Kenny Perez Law know how to use our legal skills and experience to achieve desired results. We have over 500 successful cases to date.

If you ever need a Brownsville personal injury lawyer, you can call Kenny Perez Law 24/7. We have English and Spanish-speaking staff who can communicate with you in the language you’re most comfortable using.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brownsville Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases cover a wide variety of accidents. One of the most common types is a car accident injury. After a collision, a person can usually seek compensation if the other driver was at fault. In many cases, a person suffers harm from medical malpractice. A doctor may have issued the wrong prescription or used inappropriate treatment. Other types of personal injury include slip and fall accidents, and premises liability injuries. If a person’s dog bites you, for example, you can likely file a lawsuit against the dog owner for compensation.
You should begin the process of filing a personal injury claim as soon as possible. In Texas, you have two years after the date of the injury to do so. The civil court system typically will refuse to hear your case once the deadline passes. In specific circumstances, a personal injury claim can receive an extension. For example, a person was under a legal disability according to state law and was “of unsound mind.” The statute of limitations may start when the individual no longer has legal disability status. You should speak to your attorney to learn how the statute of limitations would apply to your case.
To win a personal injury case, the injured party needs to prove the other side was negligent. The person has to establish there was a duty of care. The duty of care requires the defendant to act reasonably. However, the at-fault party may argue how their actions qualified as reasonable. Sometimes, you can show how the duty got breached easily. In some cases, the breach can be difficult to argue. Perhaps, the doctor performed as another competent healthcare worker would have in the same situation. Then, the injured party should prove how the negligent act led to injuries and damages.
The best course of action for the victim is to disclose any pre-existing condition to a healthcare provider and attorney. Despite what some people may believe, you can still receive reimbursement for your injuries. The Eggshell Skull Rule makes the at-fault party liable for the injuries caused after an accident in Texas, even if those injuries exacerbated a previously existing medical condition. You and your lawyer can argue your pre-existing condition was stable before the incident. You might receive compensation if the condition would not have gotten worse if the accident did not happen.
Texas has a Civil Practice and Remedies Code to limit the amount of compensation you can receive. The damage caps only apply to non-economic damages in specific cases. Non-economic damages may include emotional pain, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering. They are more subjective and require an experienced lawyer to calculate into a dollar amount. For example, the law establishes a $250,000 cap for cases against a physician or a single healthcare institution. However, Texas does not have limits on the compensation you can receive for economic damages. Economic damages are usually easier to measure since they consist of expenses like medical bills and lost wages.
Most personal injury lawsuits end in a settlement before the case goes to trial. The outcome is preferable for many injured parties since they can get their compensation promptly. A settlement outside of court has a higher chance of getting the money you deserve as quickly as possible. In a few cases, settlement offers may not properly compensate the victim. A small percentage of claims end up going to trial, and the outcome is less likely to be in your favor. The chances of winning can depend on the type of personal injury case. You might win a rear-end collision lawsuit, but the jury could decide in a doctor’s favor for medical malpractice cases. Occasionally, the additional time and court costs may not be worth going to trial. This is a decision best discussed with your Brownsville personal injury lawyer.
No. If you file a personal injury lawsuit on your own, the civil court system still requires you to follow the same standards as if you hired an attorney. For instance, the formalities of the rules of discovery and admission of the evidence would apply to you the same as they would to an attorney. The legal system is complex, and you may face certain obstacles as you build your case. If you make a mistake, you reduce the chances of winning the lawsuit, even if you have a strong case. An attorney has plenty of experience when it comes to the legal system. You can benefit from a lawyer’s help instead of taking the claim on by yourself.
Usually, the at-fault party sends a release form for you and your attorney to review and sign. The release outlines the terms and conditions and states you cannot pursue additional charges. Then, the negligent party’s insurance company processes the release and produces the check. The insurer usually sends payment to your lawyer’s office. Your attorney deposits the money into a mandatory escrow account until the check clears. Your lawyer deducts legal fees and may distribute the money toward any unpaid medical bills, liens, or child support. Payment may come in the form of a lump sum or structured settlement. A personal injury accident can leave someone with plenty of questions. Some situations may leave a person feeling unsure if they have a valid claim. Contact a Brownsville personal injury attorney today for a free consultation to learn if you deserve reimbursement.

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