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Harlingen Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident is one of the worst situations one can expect on an average day, even if a few people manage to avoid it. Most people experience at least one car accident in their lifetimes, and far too many of them turn serious.

Perhaps you just experienced a car accident here in Harlingen, Texas that ended up placing you in a dire situation. Your injuries are maybe extreme and about to change your life forever. What do you do next to get your life in order?

It’s time to seek legal representation. A Harlingen car accident lawyer can help at Kenny Perez Law.

What Type of Car Accident Did You Have?

car accident attorney in harlingen

Our law firm sees numerous types of car accidents virtually every day here in Harlingen. Daily statistics in the city show car accidents here are daily problems, usually at our many problematic intersections.

How did your recent car accident happen?

Rear-ended crashes while stopping at traffic lights usually happens due to distracted driving or sometimes brake failure.

Other accidents you might have found yourself in include:

Head-On Collisions

Roads are always busy here in Harlingen, and head-on collisions happen too often. When they do, it usually brings fatalities, with a few people managing to survive. These survivors usually have devastating injuries as a result, sometimes of the spine, head, or other areas of the body.

Following a head-on collision, your life probably isn’t going to shift back to normal very fast, if ever. You need to take legal action to get your inevitable medical bills paid.

Broadside Crashes

Being broadsided in an intersection or along a highway brings similar injuries as a head-on collision. Someone hitting you from the side of your car is potentially more dangerous because the impact is often on the driver’s side.

Even if you were wearing a seatbelt, your car’s airbag possibly didn’t deploy properly. A car or SUV hitting you that close in a broadside is going to cause broken bones, lacerations, and internal injuries.

All of those could bring physical and mental issues for the rest of your life.

Rollover Crashes

Harlingen Car Accident Lawyer

Sometimes the impact of a car accident causes your car or SUV to roll over multiple times along a road or embankment. Your body being tossed around in the vehicle is sure to bring numerous lacerations and the possibility of spinal or head injuries.

Drivers don’t always survive rollover crashes, but you maybe did. Your life is about to change, with possible medical treatments and therapies far into the future.

Kenny Perez Law is there for you immediately after experiencing one of the above car accident scenarios. We can immediately go to work gathering evidence from the scene where your car accident occurred.

Evidence includes taking photographs, interviewing witnesses, and also capturing any traffic camera footage. The more visual the evidence, the more compelling the case you have.

Fortunately, Kenny and his team know almost everything there is to know about car accident law here in Texas. They know practically every road, business, insurance company, and judge in the local area.

Armed with this much legal knowledge, we can put together a strong case to give you the best chance of winning. What questions might you have, though, about the legal process we’ll take you through?

Harlingen Car Accident FAQ

The days following a car accident often prove stressful and confusing. You may feel unsure about your legal rights or what you should do next. If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a Harlingen area car accident, you may find this FAQ helpful. Read on for more information.

We get questions all the time about what to expect as we work on your car accident case. Take a look at these questions we receive the most often:

I Sustained Injuries in a Car Crash While on Vacation in Harlingen. Should I File My Lawsuit in Cameron County or My Home County?

Harlingen attracts visitors year-round. People come here to see the Iwo Jima Monument and Museum, walk through the Hugh Ramsey Nature Park, and shop during the Jackson Street Market Days. Visitors from all over the country come here for the year-round warm weather and to experience the natural beauty of the Rio Grande Valley.

Unfortunately, some people’s vacations get cut short due to a car accident. Typically, the state where the accident occurred has jurisdiction for any legal claims. However, some exceptions may exist depending on the specific circumstances.

After a car accident in Harlingen, you should contact a local attorney to determine your best course of action. Most personal injury law firms offer a free consultation, which you can do over the phone or via video call for your convenience. You can then learn what options you have to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Can I Still Sue if I Refused Medical Treatment at the Accident Scene?

Yes, you can still pursue a legal claim even if you refused first aid or ambulance services at the scene of the crash.

Many people experience an adrenaline rush right after a car accident. They don’t realize that they have sustained injuries until they experience pain hours later or even the next day. As such, they turn down any medical treatment offered by the South Texas Emergency Care EMTs.

For your own well-being, you should seek medical care as soon as you realize that you have sustained an injury. This initial doctor visit will prove important for your legal case, as it documents the timing and nature of your injuries.

Do Injured Pedestrians Need a Car Accident Lawyer, Too?

Yes, absolutely. Anyone who sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident should speak with a lawyer. A variety of different parties may sustain injuries in an accident, and they all may qualify to pursue compensation for their injuries.

Other injured parties may seek compensation as well:

  • Pedestrians
  • Motorcycle operators and passengers
  • Bicyclists
  • Commercial truck drivers
  • Individuals riding a Segway, skateboard, or another mobility device

In Harlingen, pedestrians may sustain injuries on Tyler Avenue or East Harrison Avenue, as these busy roads pass through a retail district.

Do I Need an Attorney, or Can I Negotiate With the Insurance Company on My Own?

You could try to negotiate with the insurance company on your own, but you will face several disadvantages if you choose this option.

  • The insurance company will likely push for a quick settlement that doesn’t provide you with full compensation. Remember that insurance companies have their profits in mind, not the best interest of injured individuals. These companies want to maintain their bottom lines at the expense of accident victims.
  • The insurance company may not voluntarily offer you any money at all. The at-fault insurance company may attempt to take advantage of the fact that you don’t have legal representation and tell you that you bear liability for your injuries. Or worse, the insurance company may claim that you bear liability for another party’s injuries as well as your own.
  • After a car accident, you may not have the energy or stamina to pursue a legal case by yourself. It takes considerable effort to deal with all of the paperwork, phone calls, and negotiations involved in accident claims. Obtaining a car accident settlement requires more than just a few minutes on the phone. Personal injury attorneys have the resources to do this work full-time. When you hire a lawyer, you can relax and focus on your recovery.

How Do I Determine Fault in Car Accidents That Involve More Than Two Vehicles?

Several major roadways pass through Harlingen, including I-2 and I-69E. These major roads often have accidents that involve three or more vehicles, which can complicate the process of determining fault for an accident.

In these cases, more than one driver may bear liability for the accident. Sometimes, a municipality can bear liability for an accident for a road in disrepair or the presence of unclear or confusing road signs.

It takes the skill and dedication of a car accident attorney to work through these types of cases. Sometimes, your attorney may need to recreate your accident scene. An attorney can also obtain any video footage available and interview eyewitnesses.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Harlingen Car Accident Settlement?

Car accident lawsuits in Harlingen can take anywhere from several months to a couple of years to settle. Some of the factors that could impact the length of a case include:

  • How difficult it is to prove fault.
  • The severity of injuries involved.
  • Whether the negligent party is an individual or an entity, like a municipality or auto manufacturer.

A fast settlement may not reflect a case’s true value. Insurance companies frequently offer low-ball initial settlements. Your car accident attorney will work to maximize your compensation, which often takes time.

If I File a Car Accident Injury Claim, Will I Have to Testify in Court?

When you first file a personal injury lawsuit, you may struggle to predict if it will end in a court case. However, only about 3 percent of cases that involve an injured party will end in a trial. Your attorney and the insurance company will potentially negotiate a settlement on their own without court intervention.

The thought of going to court can prove nerve-wracking for many people. As the injured party, you get to make the ultimate decision of whether to take your case to trial. If you do decide to go to court, you will know about it well in advance. You’ll have time to prepare, and your attorney will help you feel ready.

What Should I Look for in a Harlingen Car Accident Lawyer?

A simple Google search will indicate the many firms throughout Cameron County, Texas, that handle car accident claims. When you research local attorneys, consider the following questions:

  • Does the attorney offer prospective clients a free consultation?
  • Is someone available at the law firm to answer the phone 24/7, including weekends and holidays?
  • Do any of the lawyers speak Spanish? If English isn’t your first language, you may feel more comfortable consulting with an attorney who speaks Spanish. Almost half of all Harlingen residents speak a language other than English at home.

Referrals from friends and families and online reviews can also prove helpful.

Should I Negotiate With the Insurance Company?

It’s a good idea to never communicate with the negligent driver’s insurance company on your own. Yet, the company is sure to attempt contact with you, even if you already have legal representation.

They’ll try to get you to settle early for a small amount of money. At that point, you’re likely struggling financially and feel like you should take any settlement offered. Don’t take it right away, because you may well deserve so much more to cover all your medical bills.

Let us negotiate with insurance companies, because we know them inside and out. We know the tricks they pull on injured people when at their most vulnerable. It’s an unfair practice we continually fight against. Instead, we negotiate with the insurance companies to reach a settlement amount you actually need.

How Much Will I Receive in a Settlement or Award?

We can work tirelessly to get the compensation you deserve. However, do not expect a certain amount, because all cases are different.

It all comes down to the evidence available in proving what happened in your car accident. Still, we want you to know our case results are notable. We’ve reached settlement figures in the six and seven figures for many of our clients.

Most insurance companies are willing to settle eventually to avoid going through lengthy and expensive trials. How long this takes for you is impossible to predict, and based on many variables.

Your final settlement or award amount may become less or more than what’s common. We always work hard to make sure our clients get the best outcome possible.

Can I Sue for Additional Damages?

It’s possible to receive punitive damages if the other driver causing your injuries did so recklessly or with malice. While courts rarely award these, they may be appropriate depending on the facts of your case.


Get Help from a Harlingen Car Accident Attorney Today

Harlingen Car Accident Attorney
Harlingen Car Accident Lawyer, Kenny Perez

Contact us at (956) 544-9292 at Kenny Perez Law immediately if a car accident injured you in Harlingen. The statute of limitations in Texas is two years from when your car accident occurred, so don’t wait.

Waiting may mean evidence disappearing, including video footage proving your right to compensation. Take fast legal action to safeguard your future and well-being.

Don’t wait to contact a Harlingen car accident attorney at Kenny Perez Law. All states, including Texas, have a time limit on personal injury claims, so take action today.


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