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If you face criminal charges and need a lawyer now, contact us at Kenny Perez Law immediately after your arrest. We not only can represent you in your case but our bail bond lawyers might help you with an attorney bond to secure your release while your case remains pending.

What Does a Bond Lawyer Do?

Bail Bond Attorney in Brownsville

If a court has set bail for your release pending the outcome of your case, you will need to consider how you will post the bail set for you. Individuals, if they have the resources, can post the bail themselves or through a family member. However, in most instances, a party that does not have the funds to do so will choose to use a bail bond service.

Most people know of the option of using a bail bondsman for this service. However, many don’t realize that in Texas your attorney can also post bail on your behalf through an attorney bond.

About Attorney Bonds

Not all criminal defense lawyers provide attorney bonds, but those that do will agree to post bail for their clients in exchange for a fee for this service. Typically, the fee mirrors that of a bail bondsman, or approximately 10 percent of your bail amount.

Texas is one of the only states in the U.S. that will allow for an attorney to step into this role for a client. While some confusion surrounds the process, or when the law permits this type of arrangement, the attorney bond process is relatively straightforward and allows you to consolidate the needs for your case with your defense attorney instead of seeking outside sources where you may feel unfamiliar with their practices and reputation.

Does the Attorney That Provides the Bond Also Have to Represent You in Your Case?

You may not realize that by contacting an attorney for a bond, you enter into an arrangement for the lawyer to post bail in exchange for a fee, and you alert the court that you want this lawyer to represent you in your case. The lawyer that you choose to bond you out of jail will ultimately serve as the attorney responsible for your case. In fact, Texas law prohibits an attorney from issuing a surety bond to an individual with whom the attorney does not have an attorney-client relationship.

If you face criminal charges, you should first retain an attorney to represent you in defending the charges against you. If you need to post bail to ensure your release, you can seek the assistance of your bond lawyer to post bail on your behalf through a bail bond.

While Texas law requires that the attorney that posts the bail on your behalf must have involvement in your case, you can have multiple attorneys of record that represent you in your case. Courts understand that you may have one or multiple attorneys representing your case. So long as the attorney that holds your bond has involvement in your case in some capacity in addition to holding a bond, you have not violated any state laws regarding attorney bonds.

What Benefits Stem From Using a Bond Lawyer Versus a Bail Bondsman?

By using your attorney as a bond lawyer, you will streamline your case. By eliminating the intermediary of a bail bondsman, you remove one obstacle in the path for your attorney, which can make things move along more quickly in certain aspects of your case. Your release will likely take place more quickly than when using a bail bondsman, as your attorney will prepare your paperwork and present it to the court to seek your release.

In addition to the benefit of your faster release, other benefits of using your attorney to hold your bond exist. In some cases, attorneys that provide surety bonds for their clients will allow the individual to apply a portion of the fee for the bond toward some of the legal costs for the case. This can serve as a big draw to getting an attorney bond versus a bond through a bondsman.

If you must post bail in your case, you will need to come up with the fee for your bond in either circumstance. However, with a bondsman, once you pay the fee, you’ve fulfilled your financial responsibility to the bondsman so long as you appear at all your court hearings. With an attorney bond, you can still reap some benefit from the fee payment for the bond services.

If your attorney provides the option of applying a portion of your bond fee to your case costs, you will save on some of the costs of your legal services, which you would otherwise have to pay out of pocket if you obtain a bond through a bondsman.

When Should You Contact a Bond Lawyer in Texas?

After an arrest, you may face confusion as to what steps you need to take to help you get out of jail as soon as possible. Shortly after your arrest, you will attend a bail hearing for a bail determination in your case.

In some cases, a judge may allow your release as you await the process of your case on your own recognizance, but in many situations, the court will set a bail determination for your release, and you will then have to figure out how to post the bail, or else remain in jail until the conclusion of your case.

Following an arrest, you should contact a bond lawyer in Texas to represent you in your case. Not only can a lawyer assist you with your bond hearing and attempt to lower the amount of bail set for your case, but once the court has set your bail, your attorney can assist you in obtaining an attorney bond for your release.

Contact one of the knowledgeable and professional criminal defense lawyers at Kenny Perez Law; we can issue an attorney surety bond on your behalf and represent you in the charges against you.

Streamline your case and get the help you need to build your defense against the charges against you. Contact Kenny Perez Law at (956) 544-9292 to discuss your case and how we can help you after your arrest.

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