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After an Arrest

If you are in a situation where you or a loved one faces criminal charges, one of the hardest things to do is not panic.

Once the police have taken you or someone you know into custody there is no clear indication of what happens next. From hearings to arraignments, posting bond, and figuring out how to get released from jail before a hearing or trial, the court system is not exactly clear on what happens next. You have begun a long and often confusing path in dealing with the criminal justice system.

First and foremost, consult an attorney before speaking with anyone throughout the arrest process. Your Miranda rights are there to protect you and anything you say or do will be used against you by the prosecution to attempt a conviction. Your attorney fights to protect your rights.

Police, district attorneys, and others along the way are working towards a conviction, no matter what they might tell you. Your attorney is working to defend you throughout the process.

Consider a Bond Attorney

Harlingen Attorney Surety/Bond Lawyer

In Texas, a bond attorney may help you post bail for your release while you wait for court proceedings to start. Typically, a judge sets bond depending on the offense and you may need to come up with at least 10 percent of the amount.

Often, this is a lot more money than most people can afford, which is why they hire a bondsman to gain early release. A bondsman often charges a percentage of the amount they provide for bail. This method keeps you out of jail while awaiting trial, but a bond attorney can work with you to post bail and serve as your attorney.

This is effective because:

  • Your collateral or fees may go towards your legal fees and retainer
  • There is no middleman when it comes to the bail process and legal representation.
  • Confidentiality between you and your attorney, without involving a bondsman
  • The requirements for bond and legal representation are explained at the beginning
  • Texas allows for an attorney to serve as a Bondsman while other states are much more confusing
  • Shorter time between arrest and posting bail since the court is already notified of who is representing you in court
  • Hiring a bond lawyer is sort of like a one-stop shop process and streamlines communication

Kenny Perez Law: Working for You

The Harlingen legal team at Kenny Perez Law is skilled in defending our clients zealously in Criminal Defense cases, including DUI, Drug Arrests, Domestic Violence, assault, felony and misdemeanors, and many others. In promoting bail bond services, Kenny Perez’s attorneys immediately can defend you and get you out of jail while awaiting trial.

In working with Kenny Perez Law, you also have the advantage of a team of lawyers who can represent you regardless of when hearings are set, allowing you to expedite the process without having to coordinate schedules with the courts.

Advantages of posting bail

If you have been arrested, you already know that you are processed and detained in the same facilities as convicted criminals. The experience can be stressful, to say the least.

Without posting bond, you will live in the same facilities, moved from place to place, eat the same food, and possibly subject yourself to the violence inherent in the criminal detention system. These facilities are often cramped, dirty, and overcrowded, and not a place you want to wind up.

You risk losing time at your job and even termination time with family, or any of the freedoms anyone takes for granted who isn’t incarcerated. It hardly seems like a place anyone would want to be if they are innocent until proven guilty. Bail can give you the ability to work with your attorney on your case outside of the confines of a facility visitation area.

Texas also allows a defendant to hire more than one attorney. However, the attorney who posts your bond will help in your case regardless of whom you might select to represent you in court. Hiring a bond lawyer right off gives you the advantage of understanding the process and how it works without putting you in violation of any laws.

Your Solution

Many people who have been arrested and are facing a long and arduous process might not even realize that their attorney can also serve as their bail/bondsman. Working through a law firm gives you an edge of professionalism and courtesy you probably won’t experience through a typical bail/bondsman.

Our attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable in the process and understand the nuances of what you need during this process, rather than just being a financial resource. A bond attorney also knows how to negotiate the amount set by the courts for bail, saving you money.

The process can be frightening, unnerving, and your situation can seem hopeless without a capable defense attorney. Hiring a bond lawyer typically expedites the process and allows you to wait for trial outside of a detention facility, which can take months, depending on the charges against you. This is always preferable.

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If you need to expedite the process and get on with your life while defending your livelihood, your family, and your future, our attorneys are here to work with you to help you do just that.

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