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Harlingen Sex Crimes Lawyer

An arrest and charge for a sex crime can stress anyone, and a conviction can have life-long effects. Many defendants struggle with employment opportunities and housing options. In some cases, a person may face a false or exaggerated accusation.

Court proceedings become difficult if the defendant does not have someone to represent them in court. Kenny Perez Law has helped Harlingen residents ensure fair trials. We can work with you to protect your freedom and reputation. Reach out to us for an honest evaluation of your legal options.

Common Sex Crimes

Texas law defines a variety of sexual misconduct as sex crimes. Many of the offenses lead to severe punishments. You might face charges for one of the several common violations.

Indecent Exposure

Like most states, Texas has a statute to criminalize indecent exposure. The law classifies indecent exposure as the display of any part of a person’s genitals. The offender would need to have the intent to arouse or create a sexual response.

Someone is usually careless and causes others to become offended. However, flashing revealing undergarments generally does not count as indecent exposure. The offense falls under the category of a Class B misdemeanor. Punishment includes a maximum fine of $2,000, up to 180 days in jail, or both.

Sexual AssaultSex Crimes Lawyer in Harlingen TX area

Over 18,000 reported incidents of sexual assault occur every year in Texas. The term sexual assault is a broad term. The offense encompasses various actions a person might experience without proper consent. Common examples include fondling, forced sex acts, and unwanted bodily contact.

Forced penetration, rape, and other forced sexual acts fall under sexual assault. The offense becomes aggravated sexual assault if the defendant tried to cause serious bodily harm. Typically, the crime is a second-degree felony. Punishment includes state prison time and fines of up to $10,000.

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is when an adult has sexual relations with a person under the age of consent. In Texas, the age of consent is 17. Any sexual activity falls under the category. Sexual kidnappings and the solicitation of a minor are examples.

However, the crime does not require the use of force. Even if the minor signals their agreement, the act violates the law. The defendant could face a second- or first-degree felony charge based on the circumstances of the offense.


A person cannot sell or distribute illicit photos or videos of another individual without their consent. The defendant could face penalties if they posted sexual depictions of another individual with the intent to harm.

State and federal law prohibit the holding, selling, and distribution of images of the sexual exploitation of minors. A considerable portion of the harmful material is on the internet, which falls under the category of internet sex crimes. The crime is a second-degree felony, but it can move to a first-degree felony in a few cases.

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is when a person illegally transports an individual from one area to another. The purpose of the crime is to exploit the victim sexually. A person commits the offense if they knowingly transported a minor or adult to engage in forced labor services.

The defendant has to receive a benefit from the act as well. Sex trafficking is a state and federal crime. A person could face a second-degree charge, but they could deal with a felony of the first degree in a few instances.

What Should You Do?

Texas has over 62,400 registered sex offenders, and they face multiple restrictions. Upon conviction, you could go to prison and struggle in your daily life after your release. However, the legal system allows you to prove your innocence and avoid harsh penalties.

After the arrest, you should request a lawyer as soon as possible. The accusations can feel frightening, but you should remain calm. Records of emails, texts, social media messages, and phone calls can help you.

The prosecution can use what you say against you. Therefore, you should not speak to the alleged victim, their attorneys, or law enforcement in an attempt to get rid of misunderstandings. Do not discuss your case with friends, family, or the police.

An Attorney Can Help With False Allegations

False allegations are not common, but they do happen. Between 2 percent and 10 percent of reported cases turn out to be false accusations. Different phenomena could be the reason for them. A victim could have suffered from sexual abuse, but their memory mistook you as the offender, for example.

Some people struggle with their ability to recall events correctly. Poor lighting or substances like alcohol could cause someone to accuse the wrong person. In child sexual abuse cases, a parent or neighbor could have implicated you due to suspicions. However, an investigation would discover an unsubstantiated allegation.

In a few instances, an incorrect accusation is due to malicious intent. A person might accuse you of sexual assault out of revenge. Complex divorce cases often have claims of child sexual abuse. However, the ex-spouse may have claimed the crime to win the custody battle.

No matter the reason for the accusation, Kenny Perez Law has your back. Our firm works hard to gather enough evidence to prove your innocence.

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Harlingen Sex Crimes Lawyer, Kenny Perez

Do not feel alone if someone mistakes you as the perpetrator of a sex crime. A lawyer increases your chances of a favorable verdict. You should talk to a Harlingen sex crime attorney at Kenny Perez Law. We understand the impact a charge can have on someone.
Cases can become complex, but we stand by your side every step of the way. A thorough investigation could discover evidence the police did not find initially. Our office is ready to defend your rights if the prosecution does not dismiss your case. Contact us as soon as you can at (956) 544-9292 for a free consultation.

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