I Have Been Injured but I Cannot Afford to Go to the Doctor

I Have Been Injured but I Cannot Afford to Go to the Doctor

Motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, work accidents, and any other form of accident are dangerous not only because they present immediate physical injuries, but also because the costs of treating those injuries can force the victims of those accidents to avoid seeking necessary medical attention that would prevent future injury. This is where Kenny Perez Law comes in to fight for you, Brownsville’s Personal Injury Lawyer. We are a law firm you can trust.

In 2019, 8 percent of Americans did not have health insurance, and 18 percent of Texans did not have health insurance. That is a large amount of people that would be forced to pay for medical expenses out of pocket because of an accident. If you would be one of those people that could not possibly afford the medical bill resulting from an accident, then seeking the experienced counsel of Kenny Perez Law could be the decision that allows you to get the medical attention you need.

How does Kenny Perez Law help you afford you medical expenses?

How does Kenny Perez Law help you afford you medical expenses?
  1. Kenny Perez Law contacts medical providers to defer payment until your claim has been processed.

Going to the doctor can be incredibly stressful. Seeing specialist after specialist, undergoing procedure after procedure, being prescribed medication after medication. Seeing the charges after each visit can be daunting and can even dissuade you from further receiving necessary medical treatment. But do not worry. An experienced personal injury lawyer will contact your medical providers and inform them of your situation.

You are seeking medical attention because you were involved in an accident. And there is a process through which the medical providers should be paid. Kenny Perez Law has experience dealing with medical providers to allow victims of accidents to seek medical attention as stress-free as possible.

Kenny Perez Law will send medical providers what are called “Letters of Protection”. What these do is inform your medical providers that the reason you are seeking their services is because you were in an accident. You have suffered injuries and now you need to receive medical treatment. This is in part to ensure that you receive the best care possible, because injuries resulting from accidents may seem minor at first and present much greater issues in the future.

The letters also advise the medical providers that they will get paid after you claim has been settled, whether through negotiation or court judgement. This ensures that you receive the best care possible. Medical providers can give you the best treatment and proper attention without fear of whether they will be paid for their services.

The last thing you need after an accident is a medical provider that is worried about getting paid. At Kenny Perez Law we make sure your medical providers can focus on healing you rather than on whether they will be paid for their services.

  1. Kenny Perez Law does not allow the at-fault party’s insurer to low-ball you and pay for anything less than they deserve to.

You should not be required to pay for medical costs resulting from another person’s actions. This is not a cold; this is not a fall in your backyard. Because another person caused an accident, you have been injured, and you need medical attention. That person, through their insurance, should be responsible for returning you to how you were before the accident.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always want to pay for the total cost of your medical expenses. Insurances companies spend a lot of money employing lawyers so that they can pay the least amount of money possible.

Kenny Perez Law has years of experience making sure insurance companies cover the entirety of victims’ medical expenses. We can handle the lawyers employed by insurance companies that would rather avoid justice.

Not only does hiring Kenny Perez Law allow you to set aside your medical bills until your claim is processed to completion, we also fight to have the entirety of your medical expenses covered by the insurance company. Contact us now to learn how you may seek medical treatment stress-free and make those responsible cover the cost of giving you your life back.

  1. Kenny Perez Law does not charge you unless the insurance company compensates you.
Kenny Perez Personal Injury LawyerKenny Perez Law
Personal Injury Lawyer, Kenny Perez

After an accident, you should not be worried about whether you can afford medical attention. That is why Kenny Perez Law fights to get you compensated. But if you are hesitant to get medical attention because you cannot afford a lawyer to get you your compensation, you should know that the lawyers at Kenny Perez Law do not charge you anything unless we are successful in getting you the compensation you deserve.

And when we do succeed, we do not charge you more than we deserve, and you will be able to afford. Our charge comes directly from how much we can get you. By only charging you a percentage of the settlement or case outcome, we ensure that you are able to pay your medical expenses and our charges all through what the insurance company pays.

The moments following an accident are not the time to be compromising. You should not have to review your finances, cut you budget, go without paying bills, or remain untreated after you have been injured in an accident. After you have been injured your main priority should be receiving medical care. And your second priority should be getting the responsible party to pay for the care that gives you your life back.

By hiring the experienced lawyers at Kenny Perez Law, you can receive that medical care without stressing about whether you can afford that medical care. You can also expect to have hired lawyers that will fight for your right to be compensated for your injuries regardless of your current financial situation. If you need a great lawyer, if you need a Brownsville lawyer, then you need Kenny Perez Law. We will worry about ourselves only once we have gotten you what you deserve.

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