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Family issues are often tasking, emotional and mentally draining. It can be intensely difficult to try and deal with these issues and still keep tabs on how the law affects you at the same time.
At Kenny Perez Law, we understand how draining these issues can be. When family issues begin, it can be difficult to find a legal professional to talk to, much less advice you as a confidant and friend would. We are devoted to providing that confidential, caring support that our clients need, while giving them the benefit of first-rate legal advice on how the family laws affect them.
The Brownsville family law attorneys at Kenny Perez Law, specialize in providing an individual and unique approach to our clients’ cases. We believe that every person involved in family law cases should have the benefit of clear, uncomplicated legal advice. This is why we are dedicated to understanding your desired results and, in turn, helping you understand how the law affects you and what we can do on your behalf.
In Texas, it is important to be fully aware of the changing laws that pertain to family law. We devote ourselves to keeping up with the changes in these laws so you always have the benefit of current, up-to-date legal advice.
We provide advice on a variety of family law issues including pre and post-nuptial agreements, high-asset divorces, child custody, support and property division, in Brownsville, Texas also serving Harlingen, McAllen and the entire Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.
All through the process, our primary goal is to fight for your interests and help you access the positive outcomes you desire.
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Texas family law attorneys protecting your interests

Marriage will often be the most important legal event to happen to you, outside death. Due to this, it is incredibly important to set out your marital affairs in line with best legal practices that secure your interests and protect your future.
Our skilled family law attorneys are very experienced in advising on and drafting pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements to protect your interests. Under the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, premarital agreements must be in writing and must be signed by a couple before they marry.
Both spouses must disclose their debts and assets before signing the agreement, which must be concluded in contemplation of marriage. With our extensive experience, we can properly guard against factors that may make the agreement unenforceable, such as unconscionable agreement or non-voluntariness.
We have advised on several high-asset marriages where the spouses need extensive measures to preserve the integrity of their finances. The presumption in Texas is that all property that accrues to each spouse in the marriage becomes community property which can be divided equally upon divorce.
The nature of property accrued in the marriage and the nature of proof required to overcome this presumption makes high-asset divorces in Texas complicated. We understand the best strategies that can help with defining what amounts to marital property and how the finances of each individual should be treated in the marriage.
We have also served couples from all over Texas, including Brownsville and the entire Rio Grande area on issues relating to paternity. Sadly, there are many instances when paternity may be in doubt. It may be necessary to establish paternity in order to clarify certain rights and obligations.
We have advised couples on the appropriate course of action in these instances, including when a paternity test or suit is required. Paternity can also be established when an acknowledgement of paternity form is signed or through presumption. A presumption of paternity arises through marriage or representation.

Collaborative divorce and alternative dispute resolution

In cases where the dissolution of a marriage is inevitable, our highly skilled and capable Brownsville divorce attorneys can provide specialist help. In order for a person to sue for divorce in Texas, they have lived in the state for at least 6 months before filing. One of the parties to the divorce must also have been resident in the county where the divorce is filed for at least 90 days.
Texas recognizes no-fault divorces, although there are certain instances where identification of a fault ground can influence property division. Our skilled Brownsville family law attorneys can help you understand which approach is best for your divorce and make sure the proper process is followed.
Due to the often contentious nature of divorce, you may be more willing to take a collaborative approach towards your divorce. At Kenny Perez Law, we are deeply experienced with advising on and applying a range of alternative dispute resolution and collaborative divorce approaches.
Under our collaborative law approach, we will work to create a safe space where you and your spouse can identify, express and resolve your conflicts without going to court. Using this approach, you can avoid unnecessary confrontations in court and spare your children the unfortunate spectacle of an acrimonious court battle.
We can help you and your spouse come to mutually beneficial arrangements relating to property division, child custody and support in a divorce settlement agreement.

Brownsville divorce attorneys

Despite best efforts, a court-supervised divorce may be unavoidable. Negotiations between both parties may irrevocably break down over sensitive issues such as spousal support, property division or parenting arrangements.
Our Brownsville divorce attorneys are tested and well experienced in trial litigation in Texas. We deeply understand the nuances of divorce litigation and possess the skills and experience to staunchly defend your interests across all court levels.
No matter what issues are tabled before the court for resolution, including child custody, child support, spousal support and property division, we can find the best strategies for a positive outcome.
If you have already completed your divorce but find after a while that the divorce decree is unsustainable, we can assist with modifications. In order to obtain a modification, parties may be required to prove a material and substantial change in circumstances.
In instances such as where the ex-spouses’ situation changes significantly, our Brownsville divorce attorneys can petition the court for a modification on your behalf.

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Family law issues are often complex and involve complicated legal issues. If you really want to be certain that your best interests are being served, you want to work with a professional that can provide a tailored approach to help protect your interests.
Kenny Perez Law is committed to providing staunch, confidential and caring legal support to help our clients achieve their family law objectives. We have the experience and skill to navigate the complex and emotionally taxing legal issues that can arise in these cases.
We represent clients in Brownsville, Texas and also serve clients in Harlingen, McAllen and the entire Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. To discuss your legal options relating to your family law issues, please call us at (855) 695-7529 or send us an email to [email protected] to schedule a consultation.
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