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Facing a criminal charge in Brownsville, Texas and environs can be one of the most terrifying experiences. The criminal laws usually include very harsh penalties and local law enforcement and prosecutors are often very vigorous in carrying out their duties.

As a result, a person arrested or charged for a criminal offense in Brownsville may be at risk of incurring serious fines or lengthy jail time. Persons that are convicted face the prospect of weighty injury to their future and prospects due to the limitations that a criminal record will bring.

When you are facing a criminal charge, your life and freedom are at stake. In this situation, you want the best and most experienced criminal defense attorneys handling your case.

With several years of experience defending residents of Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen and the entire Rio Grande Valley of South Texas against criminal charges, the Brownsville criminal defense attorneys at Kenny Perez Law can apply their expertise to your case.

We have a proven track record of assisting our clients to get criminal charges dismissed or reduced. We can apply our expertise to your individual case and help you craft a defense that gets your charges dropped or dismissed.

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First Rate Criminal Defense Lawyers in Brownsville, Texas

When navigating the criminal law courts in Texas, even the tiniest margins can be very vital for your case. A qualified Brownsville criminal defense lawyer will thoroughly understand these margins and will put their knowledge of the law towards defending you.

Civil Law vs. Criminal Law Cases in Texas

The penalties and judgments are very different between civil and criminal cases. Civil lawsuits are brought by individuals or organizations against another individual or organization. When successful, they often result in financial compensation to the plaintiff. Many civil cases settle before they go to court due to negotiations between the attorneys for the plaintiff and the defendant. The judge or jury may rule in favor of the plaintiff if the evidence shows more than a 50% chance that the defendant is at fault.

In contrast, a criminal case is brought by the government against a defendant for committing a crime against society, not an individual. This makes the stakes much higher than in a civil case. The prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Criminal charges and conviction can result in significant consequences for individuals facing the system. Apart from the prospect of financially crippling fines, the possibility of significant jail terms being imposed means arrested persons simply cannot afford to do without a skilled and experienced criminal lawyer.

Texas has very severe consequences when prosecuting and punishing those accused of a crime. Being convicted of a criminal offense in Texas will do more than limit your freedom though. It can damage your record and delay your future goals.
  • Many educational institutions will seize or even withdraw academic privileges and scholarships upon conviction.
  • People in certain occupations covered under the Texas Occupations Code may have their license revoked, suspended or denied upon conviction for a felony involving moral turpitude.
  • The US federal housing policies permit the exclusion of certain persons convicted for drug offenses from federally subsidized or funded housing. Even when renting an apartment with your own money, most applications ask if you have ever been convicted of a felony.
  • Being convicted of a felony can damage your right to vote, run for public office or be appointed to public office.
Due to the serious and possibly future-threatening consequences of a criminal conviction in Texas, anyone charged with a criminal offense needs an aggressive and experienced criminal lawyer.
At Kenny Perez Law, we deeply understand the criminal law and its severe consequences. We always keep these in sight to remind us of the terrible possibilities that face our clients and fight aggressively on their behalf to secure the best possible outcome.
The number one goal for our Brownsville criminal defense attorneys is to possibly secure dismissal or reduction of the charges against you.

Assault Lawyer in Brownsville, Texas

The severity of the crime and whether this is your first or subsequent offense can determine how you are charged. If you face Class C misdemeanor charges, you could avoid jail time and have a fine of up to $500. However, Class B and Class A misdemeanors typically include up to a year in jail and fines up to $4,000.

The penalties for a felony conviction can include five years to life in prison and fines up to $10,000. An assault lawyer who has a deep understanding of Texas laws can reduce the risk to your freedom and help you avoid penalties that can change your life forever. The experienced team at Kenney Perez law represents clients facing assault charges. They fight to ensure the protection of your rights and present the best defense for you.

Brownsville, Texas DWI/DUI Attorneys

The Brownsville DWI attorneys at Kenny Perez Law regularly handle DWI and DUI cases in Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen and the entire Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.
DWI and DUI cases in Texas commonly carry harsh penalties. Persons with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher risk severe penalties including suspension of drivers’ license, fines, jail term and restriction of driving privileges. Even worse, getting convicted for a Texas DWI will leave you with a criminal record, which can severely limit future opportunities.
However, you should know that being arrested or charged with a DWI is not the end of the world. The Brownsville criminal driving defense lawyers at Kenny Perez Law have helped several clients fight and defeat their DWI cases. We understand the law on drunk and criminal driving in Texas and routinely put this knowledge to work for our clients.
If you have been arrested or charged with a DWI in Brownsville, Texas, our expert DWI attorneys can help. Please note that you have only 15 days from the date of your arrest to request and attend an administrative hearing to prevent your license from being suspended.
Reach out to the Brownsville DWI defense attorneys at Kenny Perez Law immediately for first rate DWI defense.

Drug Charges Defense in Texas

At Kenny Perez Law, we have assisted residents of Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley region to fight drug charges of all types. The law enforcement and prosecution authorities in Texas and at the federal level are very zealous about prosecuting suspected offenders.
The Texas Controlled Substances Act and the Federal Controlled Substances Act identify specific substances as being illegal for possession, distribution or sale. These range from core narcotics such as cocaine and heroin to prescription medication such as Xanax, Oxycodone and Adderall.
The types of drug charges brought by law enforcement and prosecutors often vary from possession of a small amount of marijuana to trafficking controlled substances with intent to deliver.
However, in our experience, prosecuting authorities are often overzealous in their fight in the war on drugs. At Kenny Perez Law, our Brownsville drug charges defense attorneys have worked with people from all walks of life to fight these charges.
Even if you were caught with drugs in your possession, you deserve a chance at a positive outcome outside of the criminal justice system. In many cases, we are able to challenge the evidence brought by law enforcement where they have violated your rights. For instance, if they did not have probable cause to search your personal property, the search may have been illegal.

Parole Violation Defense Attorney, Texas

The Brownsville DWI attorneys at Kenny Perez Law regularly handle DWI and DUI cases in Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen and the entire Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.
Our Brownsville criminal defense attorneys can also assist with your parole violation defense. When an offender secures an early release on parole, they are required to abide by specific conditions such as reporting to a parole officer.
When these conditions are violated, severe consequences may attach. These include being made to complete the suspended portions of the initial sentence and if the violation is weighty enough, an additional sentence may be served.
But there can often be misinterpretation of the conditions of parole and what actions amount to violation of these conditions. The parole violation attorneys at Kenny Perez Law can examine the circumstances of your case and help you advocate several defenses against the parole violation proceedings.
We can advocate on your behalf to show that the violation was not intentional but due to a set of unavoidable circumstances. We can show that the actions complained of do not amount to a violation within the context of the attached conditions and provide precedents to prove this.
To satisfy yourself that you have the best shot at defeating your parole violation charges, contact Kenny Perez Law for the best legal representation.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Cameron County, Texas

If you face a prison term or significant fines, a criminal defense lawyer can represent you in court. We can assess your case and determine which factors can be used to your benefit. The unique details of your case and our lawyers’ expertise may result in the elimination of some of the charges and minimize sentencing by negotiating with the prosecutor. When discussing your case, pleading guilty may result in a shorter sentence, time served, or entry into a rehabilitation program. There are pros and cons to taking a plea bargain, and we can help you understand the details as well as the long-term effects.

Criminal law is complex, and the realities of the legal system can be overwhelming. We can explain what you may be up against during your trial, the rules and regulations, and what steps can help you best navigate the system. Criminal cases typically require evidence and witness statements to help build your case. Our criminal defense lawyers can work to gather the evidence and get the testimony needed to achieve the best possible outcome.

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If you have been charged with a crime in Brownsville or are under investigation by law enforcement, consult with our qualified Brownsville criminal defense attorneys today. The longer you wait to contact an attorney, the more time you give the prosecution to build a strong case against you.

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