Types of Criminal Bonds

Citation Release Bond

If you have ever been pulled over for a minor traffic offense and you received a ticket then you received a type of bond known as a “Citation Release.” You are not being arrested or taken to the police station. Your Citation will give you information regarding your court date to deal with the ticket that was issued. Failing to appear for court could result in an arrest, which may require other kinds of bonds.

Personal Recognizance Bond

A Personal Recognizance Bond (PR Bond) is a bond that releases you after an arrest without having to pay any money. You will have an obligation to appear in court to face whatever you may have been charged with. A PR Bond is reserved for people who do not have a history of Evading Arrest or Failing To Appear in Court. Often times a PR Bond can have stipulations such as refraining from contacting or visiting the victim if you are being released after an Assault charge. The Bond will have a set dollar amount that you may be forced to pay if you fail to appear in court. A PR Bond is given at the discretion of the Magistrate Court Judge. Kenny Perez Law can help to negotiate a PR Bond for you.

Cash Bail Bond

A Cash Bail Bond is when someone who has been arrested pays the complete Bond amount in order to be released from jail. This is done without a Bail Bondsman. While all bail can be paid in cash, there are some that can only be paid in cash. This is usually only done with severe crimes in which bail cannot be denied, but there is concern that the arrested individual is a flight risk. In these cases, the cost of bail is set high enough that paying it in cash is likely to be impossible.

Surety Bond

A Surety Bond is the Bond that is used most often by clients who have been arrested. Whereas a Cash Bail Bond is when someone pays their full bail, a Surety Bond is 10% of the bail. For example, if the bond for a crime is set at $10,000, you can be released by only paying $1,000 to a Bail Bondsman who will ensure that you will appear in court on your court date. If someone on a Surety Bond fails to contact the Bail Bondsman weekly, or fails to appear in Court, the Surety Bond can be revoked, sending the client back to jail. Typically, the Bail Bondsman will need a co-signer from your family to ensure that you will not skip out on your court hearing.

Attorney Surety Bond

For many clients, it is a financial burden and financially impossible to pay for a Bond to be released from jail. Some clients wait days, weeks, or months, for someone to post bond for them. Many times, once these clients post bond, they return home to unemployment, eviction, or other hardships, making it impossible to retain an Attorney to defend them. An Attorney Surety Bond is your solution. This type of bond is like a Surety Bond that a Bail Bondsman would issue, however the Bail Bondsman will not be defending you and none of that money will be used to defend you. When you have Kenny Perez Law post an Attorney Surety Bond for you, the money that you put down for Bond will go directly towards your defense. Many times, the Bond amount is simply your down payment for your representation. So, do not throw your dollars away to a Bail Bonds company when those dollars can be used towards your defense.
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